Is Reloop on a Big Launch Mission?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 1 December, 2017

Mission II Reloop Review

Is Reloop on a mission to announce as many controllers as it can before launching them? We’ve been politely requesting a Mixage controller having seen a non-working model at the BPM Show in the UK in October, but now it seems it’s not only the two Mixage models that are on their way.

A new teaser banner on the Reloop website shows what appears to be another controller, called the Mission III, which they are promising to show at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles on 13 January 2011. I suspect we’ll have to wait until the MusikMesse in April to get our hands on it here in Europe, but we’ll see…

The mindless speculation bit…

Of course it wouldn’t be any fun if we could actually work out anything at all from the picture, but here goes:

    • It looks like an all-in-one controller. Reloop Digital Jockey III, maybe?
    • They have already announced the Mixage, which fits below the Digital Jockey 2, so if it is not a replacement for the Digital Jockey 2, is it going to be a higher-end controller?
  • It definitely has Traktor certification – that’s one thing that can be made out from the photo

Further details and a full review as and when we get them/get our hands on a review sample.

Can you spot something from the photo that we can’t? Do you know anything about this controller that we don’t? Do let us know…

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