Reloop Moves Into PA Systems with Groove Set 10 & 12

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Groove Set 10 Groove Set 12 reloop
Last updated 26 January, 2016


The Reloop Groove Sets 10 & 12 are small, portable PA systems with a satellite pair and a subwoofer.

Reloop, which has until now been known for its inside-the-booth DJ gear, has today announced two portable DJ PA systems, the Reloop Groove Set 10 and the Reloop Groove Set 12. Consisting of satellite speakers and a subwoofer, the numbers refer to the size of their subwoofer speakers.

The Reloop Groove Set 12 has 2 x 100W RMS amplifier powering the satellites, and 1 x 300W for the subwoofer. There are tripods available for the speakers. The PAs come with two five metre cables and a mains lead, and are priced at €799 and €599 respectively.

Our favourite small PA has for a long time been the LD Systems Dave series, but as and when we test one of these, we’ll let you know how it matches up.


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Do you like the look of this little PA system? Do you own a similar PA, and if so, which one? Let us know your thoughts below.

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