Reloop Releases RP-2000 MK2 Entry-Level DJ Turntable

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 16 June, 2018

It’s half a decade since Reloop updated its budget RP-2000 turntable line, but today it’s done just that, releasing the RP-2000 MK2.

With a direct drive quartz-controlled motor and the classic Technics look (even down to the extending vinyl surface light), the RP-2000 Mk2 is as utilitarian as can be, offering simply the basics: +/-8% pitch, 33/45 speed, a reasonable motor torque (don’t expect professional torque though), and good enough construction for the beginner/bedroom DJs that it is aimed at.

While at this price point you shouldn’t expect the same quality of materials as professional turntables meant for clubs, Reloop has put some work into improving the buttons and overall look of the unit compared to earlier models, so it will at least look the part in your bedroom.

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Wisely for a turntable aimed at beginners, it comes with a headshell, cartridge and needle (the OM Black from Ortofon) – although as the S-shaped tone arm has a standard connector, you can attach any you like.

There’s a slipmat in the box, but there’s no dust cover supplied – although unlike some turntables, it has provision for you to buy and attach an optional one should you wish.

• The Reloop RP-2000 Mk2 is priced at €249 / $259 / £219, and is available now.

Are you interested in this turntable? Got a turntable you’d like to recommend at this end of the market? Pease share your thoughts below.

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