Reloop Tape 2 Offers Easy Way To Record DJ Mixes

Phil Morse
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 18 September, 2020


Usually, to record a DJ mix, you just hit “record” in your DJ software – job done. But sometimes that’s not practical. Maybe you’re not using DJ software at all. Or maybe you’re plugging in to a bigger set-up through an external club mixer, that also incorporates CDJs, turntables, microphones, live singers or percussion, other DJs… you name it.

In any of these situations, being able to record your set requires another solution. Some people use hardware recorders such as the Zoom Handy Recorder. Others may use something like Evermix’s MixBox to interface with their iPhone to record on that (or even just a simple audio lead from mixer to iPhone). But now there’s a neat alternative from Reloop, called the Tape 2.

Tape 2
The Tape 2 front, showing the buttons and LEDs used to control your recording and recording options.

The Tape 2 is a cassette-tape sized “digital mixtape” to use Reloop’s words, that makes recording your DJ sets fast and easy. Think of it as a portable self-contained audio interface optimised for set recording.

What’s different from the original Reloop Tape?

For those of you familiar with the original Reloop Tape, this unit improves on that by having built-in power (via a six-hour battery), and built-in storage via microSD (although you’ll have to purchase a microSD card separately).

That means that you can simply plug from a spare mixer output using the supplied RCA-to-3.5mm minijack into the Tape 2, hit Record, and you’re off.

Tape 2
The Tape 2 can also be plugged in to a laptop via micro USB, for syncing and to use it as a card reader. The microUSB cable can also be used to charge it and to power it when the six hours of battery life isn’t enough.

It has all kinds of smarts, too: There’s a Thru output (great for recording from DJ gear with only one output), the choice of WAV or 320kbps MP3 recording via a switch, the choice of line or mic level input, an input gain control, LED feedback – even a lock switch so you don’t accidentally ruin a recording by pressing something you shouldn’t have.

Plus, you can use it as a card reader when connected to a computer via USB. It even comes with sync software.

It’s also quite cute – the tape visual metaphor is maybe a bit kitsch, but some will love it, and you get a choice of stickers to personalise your “cassette” how you’d like it.

Promo video

• Tape 2’s retail price is $179/€149/£130. More details on the Reloop Tape 2 page.

How do you record your sets? Have you tried the Reloop Tape or Tape 2? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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