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Mighty Spotify Player Review

Roy Macasaet
Last updated 4 February, 2019


The Lowdown

Mighty is an on-the-go Spotify player that doesn’t need a smartphone, an internet connection or mobile reception to stream your favourite tracks. It looks similar to the iPod Shuffle and has a five-hour battery life. It’s a cool idea if you want to save on your data bandwidth or you don’t want to lug your phone around just to listen to music.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Mighty Audio is a portable music player that syncs with your Spotify playlist over Wi-Fi to take your music on-the-go. It can play music using your using regular wired earbuds or any Bluetooth-enabled device. The device itself is fairly lightweight and made of a hard plastic with a clip int he back. The Mighty has 8GB of storage onboard and a battery which can be charged via USB.

To set up your Mighty, you download the Mighty app to let it sync to your Spotify Premium account via Wi-Fi, which then loads all your songs and playlists.

In Use

With simple media controls, an on and off switch, the Mighty is fairly minimal in design – it looks similar to the iPod Shuffle. The controls have a very tactile click to them and it has a bit of travel so you won’t accidentally press them during a run. From the initial Spotify syncing to actual use, the Mighty is simple to operate.

The battery on the Mighty is rated at 5 hours of use but some Amazon users have noted that the device runs out of power at around half the time during wired use. With its current price of US$89, the Mighty is a good purchase if you really want another device to take with you during runs or if you don’t want to spend your smartphone’s battery during car rides.

Amazon users gave the Mighty praise as a portable player especially when they own larger “phablets” that they want to leave at home during jogs or hikes. Unfortunately, the Mighty does have some units which tend to fail after use according to some Amazon reviewers.


The Mighty has an interesting design which can benefit users who want to take their Spotify experience anywhere they go without sacrificing the battery life, data allowance and safety of their smartphone.

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