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ClubRoom for iOS Review

Roy Macasaet
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 21 February, 2019

The Lowdown

ClubRoom is an iOS app that creates 3D light shows and animations that sync to your music. Probably ClubRoom’s most impressive feature is that it analyses your surroundings and syncs intelligently with the music. A niche tool, but a cool way to add unique visuals to your performances.

First Impressions / Setting up

ClubRoom is an app that produces elaborate visuals if you dig in the extensive editor options. You run the app on your smartphone, and you connect it to a projector via HDMI or Airplay. You then set the projector in front of physical objects (eg white boxes, cylinders, cubes) that you want to map visuals on.

Being able to create as many mappings as you can is one of the app’s strongest suits as this allows you to create some elaborate visuals and effects.

In Use

The interface does need a bit of work aesthetically, but the developers nailed ease-of-use and functionality really well. Being able to adjust certain parameters like the colour and white balance in one screen is particularly handy and opens up performance possibilities.

ClubRoom will set you back a mere US$9.99 but is well worth the price considering how well the app works and how sophisticated its main feature is. A number of online reviewers mentioned that there are some issues with earlier versions of iOS though.


ClubRoom is an impressive app with sophisticated features and simple workflow. For the price, it’s worth picking ClubRoom up to add a different kind of visual to your gigs.

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