Richie Hawtin & Livid Announce CNTRL-R Performance Surface

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 26 November, 2017


Take a look at this. This video surfaced in the last day on Livid’s YouTube channel, and shows the CNTRL-R, a button-fest of a controller mapped to Traktor Pro 2.

The video is intriguing because the controller is patently being used to about 1% of its potential, but with all those controls there’s obviously a lot of potential in this thing. It certainly takes our prediction for 2012 of more controllers without jogwheels and runs with it!

Here’s what Livid says: “CNTRL:R is a contemporary MIDI performance instrument for creative music production.

“Designed by Richie Hawtin and Livid over a year long period, this controller is ideal for live performance and studio production. This shows CNTRL:R being used with the official CNTRL:R Traktor map.”

What do you think? Interesting new control surface or buttonfest for the sake of a buttonfest?

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