Roland Go:Mixer Pro-X Is Designed For DJ Livestreams From Your Phone

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 16 November, 2021


The best way to get started DJ livestreaming is simply to use your phone – it has a far better camera in it than any webcam, for instance, and also has all the tech you need to send your set to YouTube, Twitch, Mixcloud or wherever.

The only issue is the audio – and that’s where Roland’s new Go:Mixer Pro-X comes in. An improvement on last year’s Go:Mixer Pro, it handles audio mixing duties, with inputs not only for your DJ controller or mixer but for a microphone too, plus an on-board mixer. There’s even a built-in stand for your phone should you want to use it to help position your camera.

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It comes with the cables needed to interface with most iOS or Android devixces. You can connect digitally to USB-C or Lightning devices, or go analogue with the TRRS cable.

The unit can be powered from your mobile device or use batteries for over four hours of runtime.

The full spec is over on the Roland website, and the unit is available August 2021 priced at $150.

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