Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Can Now Read Your Rekordbox Library

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 23 March, 2018

Denon DJ just announced a firmware update to its SC5000 Prime flagship media player. Now at version 1.0.3, the update gives the SC5000 Prime the ability to use thumb drives and SD cards containing music prepared using Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software. The SC5000 Prime automatically converts hot cues, saved loops, and playlists so you can access all of them when spinning on an SC5000 Prime. That means you can turn up to a club with your USB sticks as you normally would, plug them into the SC5000 Prime and you’re off to the races.

This is an important development because it means that Denon DJ has essentially made Rekordbox-prepared USB drives “cross platform” (at least as far as Pioneer DJ and Denon DJ Prime gear go). Club DJs who have spun with Rekordbox-prepared music on USB sticks and CDJs for years can now potentially get that same experience on an SC5000 Prime set-up without having to re-export their music using the Engine Prime laptop software.

• The Denon DJ SC5000 1.0.3 firmware update is now available. Check the Denon DJ site for more details.

What do you think about this new feature? Does it make you want to try the SC5000 Prime? Let us know below.

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