Serato DJ 1.2.0 Brings Multi FX Plus VCI-380, NS7, DDJ-S1, Mixdeck Support

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 13 November, 2017

Serato DJ multi FX
Serato DJ multi FX mode allows you to chain three effects within each effects engine, in the same way that is possible with other Serato software and competitors like Traktor.

Serato has announced the first major feature upgrade to its Serato DJ software, with the big-ticket news being that multi FX has arrived for the platform. At the same time, the company has announced support for the Vestax VCI-380 (as exclusively revealed by Digital DJ Tips last month), the Pioneer DDJ-S1, and the Numark NS7 ITCH controllers. There is now the option to upgrade from Serato DJ Intro for Numark Mixdeck and Mixdeck Express users, and finally, there’s a 14-day free trial of Serato DJ for owners of compatible Serato DJ Intro hardware.

Multi FX returns the software more or less to the level of effects integration that’s always been available to Serato ITCH and Serato DJ Intro users, with the choice of three chained effects per effects engine, offering control over a single parameter per effect when in this mode. Both engines can be used on the same deck if you wish, giving up to six effects on a single source. The original single FX mode with deeper parameter support is still available. It was one of the criticisms of Serato DJ 1.0.0 that this level of effects control had been removed, so this is a welcome addition to the software.

With regards to the wider availability of the software, Numark NS7, Vestax VCI-380 and Pioneer DDJ-S1 users need only download and install the software; as they are supported ITCH controllers, the upgrade here is free (although DDJ-S1 owners need to check their firmware is at v1.10 in order to user Serato DJ). Owners of the Numark Mixdeck and Mixdeck Express will need to buy a Serato DJ licence, currently available on offer at US$99, or US$149 with the Serato Video plugin.

Meanwhile, the 14-day free trial of Serato DJ is available to owners of all controllers that can run Serato DJ Intro, which include the Numark Mixtrack Pro, Numark Mixtrack Pro 2, Pioneer DDJ-ERGO, Pioneer DDJ-WeGO (with firmware upgrade), Reloop Terminal Mix 2, Reloop Terminal Mix 4, Vestax VCI-400 and Denon DJ MC2000. Serato is reporting “further Serato DJ support for Serato DJ Intro and ITCH controllers such as: Vestax VCI-300, Novation Twitch, Numark V7, Numark N4, Numark Mixdeck Quad, Vestax Typhoon and Vestax VCI-100 Mk2 in a gradual rollout this summer/fall”.



Here’s a Serato-made video that talks through and demonstrates how the new multi FX mode works.

• Serato DJ 1.2.0 can be downloaded from the Serato website, and you can read the full set of changes here.

Have you been waiting for multi FX? Is one of these upgrades of your controller, or are you still waiting? And will you be rushing off to download your free trial to give Serato DJ a go? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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