Should You Upgrade To Serato DJ Pro? 3 Questions To Ask

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 24 March, 2018


Serato DJ Pro was released a few weeks back, and along with it Serato DJ Lite, which is like the intro version of the app for beginners. Even though it’s like the “Diet Coke” of Serato, it’s still quite powerful and you can do a lot of stuff that digital DJs do like hot cues, looping, triggering samples and so on.

I’ve played a few parties with Serato DJ Lite using my Numark DJ2GO2, so that kinda got me thinking – if Serato DJ Lite is already usable for DJing, why bother plunking down US$99 for the added features in Serato DJ Pro that you may or may not even find useful?

That’s how I came up with these three questions in the video above: If your answer to all of them is a big loud resounding “yes”, then go ahead and grab that upgrade so you get the full Serato experience. If your answer to any one of these is “no”, well you’re gonna want to wait a little bit longer – maybe get more familiar with DJing and DJing with serato first, or maybe even get a gear upgrade later on.

Watch the video and let us know whether or not you think upgrading to Serato DJ Pro is worth it for you.

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