Serato Studio 1.4 Now Lets You Edit Audio Tracks

Marc Santaromana
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 5 December, 2019

Serato just announced an update to its Serato Studio production software. This latest version 1.4 includes a few new features, most notably the addition of audio tracks. This new audio track feature makes creating custom DJ edits and remixes a much faster process than with previous versions.

Besides the new audio tracks feature, Serato has also added a new slicer mode called Endless Slicer that can slice an entire song in a single click, potentially considerably speeding up the DJ edit process.

There is a new onboarding feature that lets you choose between making a beat or creating a DJ edit, and will customise Serato Studio’s settings and layout based on your choice. It also includes a new walkthrough of the features of Serato Studio and how you can use them when making an edit or original beat.

Serato has also decided to now make Serato Studio available for purchase at the price of US$199 instead of being strictly a subscription-based software. The company has also reset all trials, so if you have already given Serato Studio a try in the past you are now able to try it again free for 14 days.

We reviewed Serato Studio when it first released in June 2019. It’s a great software for DJs looking to make the jump to production with a layout that mirrors Serato DJ Pro to make the transition easier. It even allows DJs to use their DJ controller as a production tool to make tracks and remixes with.

These additions make it much more complete – and more palatable to many than having to pay a subscription.

Serato Studio 1.4 is available now. Check Serato’s site for further details.

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