Sonarworks Headphone & Speaker Calibration App Goes “Dark”

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 18 September, 2020

Sonarworks, the music production app that calibrates your headphones and speakers by “flattening” their sound so you can hear your mix without colouration, just received a brand new update. Now at version 4.3, it includes a new Dark Mode skin that makes it easier on the eyes when used in low lighting situations, along with new headphone compatibilities including consumer models from Marshall. Performance has also improved with significantly lower latency using a new “mixed filter” mode.

We’ve reviewed Sonarworks in the past and said that it’s a great plugin to use when producing on the go or if you want to mix with another pair of headphones or monitors. It’s also potentially useful if you’re using consumer-grade headphones that don’t have a neutral frequency response compared to professional studio headphones. The new 4.3 update is free for existing users, so if you already own it, go grab it right now.

• Sonarworks 4.3 is available now. Check the Sonarworks site for more details.

Do you use headphone / speaker calibration software in your studio? What are your thoughts on technology like this? Let us know below.

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