SoundSwitch 1.9 Now Works With Denon DJ Prime Gear

Phil Morse
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 18 September, 2020


Users of Denon DJ’s Prime 4, SC5000 Prime and SC5000M Prime hardware can now add lighting control software SoundSwitch to their DJ performances, thanks to version 1.9 of the app that has just been announced.

SoundSwitch allows users to choreograph lighting displays with tracks in their collections, and have the light show automate during a DJ performance to their pre-programmed routines.

Denon DJ Prime users can now connect the laptop SoundSwitch software directly to their DJ set-up running in standalone mode and create light shows for songs stored on their USB drive or SD card as well as with the SoundSwitch Autoloop feature.

The onboard analysis provided by Engine Prime allows for accurate beatgrids, which help to sync lighting effects in SoundSwitch on the fly.

Additionally (and especially useful taking into account Denon DJ’s recent streaming announcement for Prime, which users may decide requires use of their hardware network sockets), SoundSwitch can communicate with the Prime hardware via its built-in WiFi, which also could make set-up easier in performance situations.

More info in the release video below.

Release video

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