Stanton Debuts DJC.4 Controller For Virtual DJ

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 26 November, 2017

Stanton djc.4
The Stanton DJC.4 is a mid-level Virtual DJ controller; well built, with lots of decent features.

Stanton has debuted its latest DJ controller, the DJC.4, which like the Reloop Beatmix that we announced earlier today, is designed specifically for use with Virtual DJ.

The controller is built to a higher level of quality than, say, the company’s own SCS.4DJ (and the Reloop controller), being finished with decent rubberised controls, lots of metal and higher-end features such as a replaceable crossfader, standalone mixer capability (phono/line) and balanced master outputs (no booth though) – and is to be priced keenly at “mid 300s” in dollars.

Designed to work tightly with Virtual DJ’s feature set, the controller has hot cues, sampler triggers and loop controls in a bank of twelve backlit buttons for each deck. The effects section is comprehensive and includes fader effects, similar to those on the Novation Twitch. While the mixer is only two channel, it does work with four decks via a deck layer switch for each side, and there’s also a video switch to enable both video and audio crossfading.

Stanton DJC.4
The Stanton DJC.4 is compact, with small but high quality jogwheels.

The external inputs can be routed through Virtual DJ (I’m assuming this will only be with the Pro version and not with the supplied version, which more than likely will be LE although I’ve not confirmed this), or alternatively just straight through the unit as true analogue throughs.

There is external power which I guess will be necessary for use as a standalone mixer, but the unit works fine as a Midi controller using bus power.

There’s crossfader curve and jog sensitivity adjusters – and speaking of the jogs, they’re small but nice to use and have the usual two-way action (nudge/scratch) depending on whether you touch the edge or the top of the wheels.

My guess on availability is May/June.

• View the full Stanton DJC.4 Virtual DJ controller photo gallery over on our Facebook Page.

Do you like the look of this controller? What do you think of the mix of features, and the deliberately tight integration with Virtual DJ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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