Stem Creator Tool Available Now

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

Stem Creator Tool
Native Instruments just launched the final release version of its Stem Creator Tool, an app that lets you make your own Stems files.

Native Instruments just launched its Stem Creator Tool, a free app that lets prpducers make their your own Stems files. Previously released as a beta version, the Stem Creator Tool combines five stereo audio files: One master file, which is the actual song, and up to four audio files which serve as the stems (eg drums, bass, synths, vocals). It then packages them into a Stems format mp4 file which can be played back on any Stems-compatible DJ or production software.

Letting DJs and producers make their own Stems files is a big step in unlocking a lot of creative performance potential for the new file format. It also looks to be an important part of Native’s two-prong strategy for mainstream adoption of Stems: As the company continues to woo more record labels and digital stores to pick up and sell the file format, giving the Stem Creator Tool away will encourage users to make their own Stems and explore how the format fits into their own DJ sets.

• The Stem Creator Tool is available for download right now. Check the Stems website for more details.

Have you tried DJing with Stems? What do you think about this Stem Creator Tool? Tell us in the comments below. 

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