Surprise! Traktor Pro 2.5 Drops A Week Early

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 26 November, 2017

Traktor users who were patiently waiting for Traktor 2.5 to drop along with the new Traktor Kontrol F1 on May 30 as previously announced got a bonus today, when Native Instruments unexpectedly released the new software into its Service Centre, 6 days early, along with the video above.

As all current 2.x users of the software get it for free, that means a lot of users will be able to have a bonus weekend of playing with its new features, in advance of the hardware release next week.

A quick glance at the new software reveals the following headline changes, among a score of minor fixes and improvements:

  • Remix Decks & Kontrol F1 integration, with S4 and S2 sample slot functionality matched to Remix Deck functions too
  • Improved tempo and beat detection
  • Improved CDJ integration (there’s a model in there from a certain manufacturer that we’ve not heard mentioned before. Go look for yourself…)
  • Browser and library improvements (browser tree state remember, iTunes node behaves better)
  • Better Midi output mapping (to help get status LEDs working more easily when working on your own mappings)
  • Remembers user-defined input/output routings between sessions
Traktor 2.5
The Kontrol F1 is still due next Wednesday, but in a move that’s surprised users worldwide, NI has released the Traktor 2.5 software today.

We’ll have a full review in a week or so, along with of course a Kontrol F1 review. Meanwhile, if you’re reading this at work, have fun when you get home and hit the Service Centre for your upgrade!

Are you looking forward to playing with this latest incarnation of Traktor? Do you have a pre-order in for the Kontrol F1? What feature would you most like to see in future releases? Please let us know your thoughts below…


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