Friday Roundup: Where Are All The Female DJs?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 13 November, 2017


DJ Tatiana Fontes
Brazilian-born DJ Tatiana Fontes is one example of a female DJ who’s broken through, but such stories are few and far between. Why might this be?

We’ve not been able to put down the little Numark Orbit all week here at Digital DJ Tips – I am sure there’s some killer use for it that I haven’t quite put my finger on yet, too! Meanwhile, in our round-up of the “best of the rest” over the last seven days, we’ve got a piece about (the absence of) female DJs, an article about the teams surrounding some top DJs nowadays, and a (shocking, or not?) expose of how some producers are falsely promoting their music. Read on for more…

  1. Where are all the female DJs? – UK paper The Guardian surveys the landscape and looks for the female jocks who are rocking it in the clubs, on the radio and online, although it doesn’t really answer its own question. Read more
  2. Building A DJ Team: The People Behind Successful Artists – DJ TechTools gives us a nice summary of this “small industry” approach to being a DJ, that is taken increasingly by superstars nowadays. Read more
  3. How to Become a SoundCloud Superstar, One Fake Fan at a Time – We all know about fake Twitter and fake Facebook fans, but it seems it’s also happening on SoundCloud. Read this expose to find out how. Sad, eh? Read more

Are you a female DJ, or are there unsung female DJs in your city that deserve a bit of recognition? Do you think it’s important for a DJ to have a team of people around him (or her!) nowadays? And what do you think “fan buying” says about the state of music nowadays? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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