The Invader Is A Scratch Mixer With A Tiny PC Built In

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 April, 2018

The Invader
Thud Rumble just announced The Invader, a two-channel scratch mixer with a touchscreen and a small Windows PC built into the unit. Pic: Engadget

Thud Rumble, the company founded by legendary turntablist DJ QBert, just unveiled a prototype of The Invader at the Intel Developer Forum. It’s a two-channel scratch mixer with a touchscreen and a Windows PC built into the unit, so you can theoretically install and use any Windows DJ app that’s compatible with The Invader. The touchscreen display sits at the top of the mixer and comes with eight buttons for cues per channel, two volume faders, a crossfader, and other switches. The Invader will be customisable, with buyers able to choose colours, laser-etched designs, and specify whether the buttons will be rubber or arcade-style.

The Invader is still in the development stage, and the team behind it says that it’s working with Native Instruments to create an audio interface (presumably to be built into the unit too). Apart from the usual audio inputs, the team says that USB and HDMI ports will be on the unit as well, which will be something for VJs to look forward to.

All-in-one DJ gear is nothing new: just take a look at the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX or the Denon DJ MCX8000, which function as standalone DJ systems and mixers. The main difference with The Invader is that the computer that it’s got inside can run any DJ software since it’s basically a mini PC (QBert demoed it on Traktor). If it runs smoothly and as full-featured as an actual PC, that could mean that with this mixer, you could leave the laptop at home and still get full computer and software functionality at a gig.

Check out the photo gallery below. All photos from Engadget.

Photo Gallery

• The Invader will be available towards the end of 2016 for US$1699. Check out the story by Engadget.

What are your thoughts on this mixer? Think this will be a game changer for scratch DJs, or would you still prefer to take your laptop along? Share your thoughts below.

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