The New Traktor Kontrol Stand… & 10 Other DJ Buys For $60

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 14 November, 2017

The Traktor Kontrol Stand
The Traktor Kontrol stand is designed to raise your X1 or F1 to the height of a standard DJ mixer, to make it fit perfectly next to the Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer, and also to act as a hard protective case.

With the announcement yesterday by Native Instruments of the Traktor Kontrol Stand – a rather nifty, but not exactly cheap, die-cast aluminium raiser to lift the Traktor Kontrol X1 and Traktor Kontrol F1 controllers up to standard mixer height – we thought we’d scout around and see what else you can buy for US$60 (the Traktor Kontrol Stand will retail at US$59 from March 2013).

Because while the Traktor Kontrol Stand will no doubt be the answer to some DJs’ prayer (especially as it “converts” into a hard case for the X1/F1 when not in use), it turns out that from speakers to DJ controllers, headphones to gig bags, US$60 can go a long way in these frugal times…


10 More DJ Buys Around US$60


Laptop stand

Crane CV1 black stand

The smaller brother of the long-admired Crane Stand, the Crane CV1 stand ditches the adjustability to offer a sturdy stand for a laptop plus an audio interface, for around half the price of its more expensive stablemate. At this price, it’s a solid buy.

Price: US$58
Buy from:


Kontrol X1 F1 gig bag

Kontrol X1/F1 gig bag

Previously the favourite choice of Traktor Kontrol X1 and F1 users wanting to pack some Native Instruments branding around their coveted devices, the Traktor Kontrol X1/F1 Gig Bag is a sturdy nylon case that can also double up as a stand, albeit a less rigid one.

Price: US$39
Buy from:


HD205 II

Sennheiser HD-205 II Studio Quality Closed-Back DJ Headphones

A bit of a dark horse in the headphones world for DJs, these Sennheisers are a brilliant buy, even better (and cheaper) in their Mark II incarnation, and offering a lot of DJ headphone for really a very modest outlay. One of our favourites at the price.

Price: US$54
Buy from:

Numark DJ iO

Numark DJ iO DJ audio interface

If you’re in the market for a basic four-out DJ audio interface (ie so you can use monitor headphones as well as a master out on set-ups where your DJ controller, for instance, doesn’t have such an interface built-in), this is an alternative to NI’s own Audio 2, at a lower outlay.

Price: US$68
Buy from:


Decksaver X1

Kontrol X1/F1 Decksaver

Beloved of clubs, bedroom DJs and anyone who wants to avoid the need to throw a towel over their gear when they’re not using it, the Decksaver range of polycarbonate, smoked/clear dust covers has a model specially designed for the little Traktor controllers.

Price: US$38
Buy from:


Akai LPD8

Akai Pro LPD8 Laptop Pad Controller

An alternative modular controllers to the likes of the X1 and F1, this little device from Akai gives you pads, faders and buttons that you can map to any software with Midi in order to liberate some of the controls from the keyboard, or ease the strain on your main DJ controller.

Price: US$46
Buy from:


Magma CTRL-Case XXL DJ Controller Bag

Got a large controller like the Numark NS6 (which it fits perfectly)? While not offering the full-on protection of more expensive cases, if all you want is something to stash your controller away in when you’re not using it, and maybe take it to the odd party, this will fit the bill perfectly.

Price: US$59
Buy from:


DJ Control MP3 E2

Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE

Not sure if DJing is for you, so don’t want to spend much finding out? If so, the Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE offers all the standard DJ functions at the lowest of low prices. Add a cheap splitter cable for headphones monitoring and you’re off…

Price: US$54
Buy from:


Genius monitors

Genius Three-Way Active Monitors

Everyone needs practice speakers at home, and these are a real bargain, giving you good-enough sound quality and decent volume, while doubling up as your main computer speakers for gaming etc at the same time.

Price: US$54
Buy from:


How To Digital DJ Fast

How To Digital DJ Fast Video Course

OK, so it costs a little bit more than the above, but not much more. For US$147, you can take our proven video training course that has helped over 4,000 DJs to play their first public DJ sets – plus it’s risk-free for 12 months! Sometimes learning something is more important thank owning something…

Price: US$147
Buy from: Digital DJ Tips website


Will you be buying the Traktor Kontrol Stand? Are you tempted to try our How To Digital DJ Fast training? Or if you were to spend US$60 on something else for your DJing today, what would it be? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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