The One DJ Software Officially Announced

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 26 November, 2017

The One: DJ software rethought. Read on for a summary of its main features…

EKS has officially announced The One, a new type of DJ software that promises several innovations for the creative DJ.

Launched today at NAMM, the software – from Audio Artery, a subsidiary of Finnish DJ equipment company EKS – radically rethinks the way DJs play live, offering the ability to turn player decks into “powerful and easy to use audio edit stations, in which you can chop or combine tracks or even create complete DJ mixes while the track is still playing”.

By dragging tracks, audio clips and samples to the timeline from the browser, you can powerfully build your mix in a way different to the DJ software, utilising Snap to Grid functionality to make synchronisation easy.The software is also fully user configurable from the visual side, with every element able to be resized, hidden and dragged around the screen to give you the working environment that suits your DJing.

The One boasts a modular audio routing system that allows effects and mixers to be assigned to anywhere in the audio chain – meaning that effects can be placed between players and mixer, or used as master effects, for instance

Finally, it is Midi mappable to DJ controllers, although there is no word on what controllers it will work with out-of-the-box as yet.

First version available in Spring
The first version to be available will be the One Core edition, available this spring for US$59 / €49. the company is promising a “feature packed premium edition” later in 2012 too.

At first glance, it combines elements of pre-planned mixing software like Mixmeister with more traditional DJing workflow, and we’re looking forward to getting a sample from the company to write a full review for you.

Does this look exciting to you, or can you see things you’re not sure whether you like? Do you think we need more DJ software? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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