The Story Of Stems: Chad Carrier Interview

Phil Morse
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 17 September, 2015


Digital DJ Tips’s Phil Morse caught up with Chad Carrier of NI, who let us in on the thinking behind Stems files, and how the product has fared in the marketplace since its recent launch. Trying to work out whether to get on board? This should help!

It’s fair to say the new Native Instruments (but open to all) file format Stems has caught the imagination of DJs, even if the jury is currently out on when it’ll hit critical mass as far as artist and label involvement goes.

Chad Carrier is the Traktor Product Owner at Native Instruments, and in this exclusive interview with Phil Morse of Digital DJ Tips, recorded at the BPM Show, he is candid and honest, reveals the thinking behind Stems, the years of work it took to get them to the market, and his thoughts as to where things may go from here.

Video interview

Have you bought a Stems controller? Are you tempted? Is this a good direction for DJing? Do you think artists, labels and DJs will end up adopting the format universally? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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