Tïesto Video Streams DJ Set Live On Twitter

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 3 mins
Last updated 26 November, 2017

Tiesto CES 2012
Tiesto performing live as I write this, at XS in LA, as part of the Consumer Electronics Show…

As I write this, Tiesto is finishing playing a gig at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – which is being simultaneously video broadcast live on Twitter. When you read this it’ll have finished, but the 90-minute set will then be looped for 48 hours in the same place, so you can head over there and watch it at your leisure. What you think of Tiesto and his music is not, of course, the point here (he plays what you’d expect, a commercial trance/pop set). The point is that it is now possible to have a live, streaming video going out across Twitter (complete with fans’ tweets), and then preserve it there for all to see for a period of time afterwards too.

So, what can we take from this? Apart from the fact that its undeniably cool, there are practical things here for any ambitious DJ:

1. Use video to promote yourself

Well, firstly, a caveat: This broadcast is HP/Intel sponsored and there’s some serious money behind the whole thing – the production is TV standard.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself: streaming your DJ sets is a great way to show off your stage presence and gear skills as well as your music, and it’s not hard to set a camera up pointing at your side, your equipment and a bit of your crowd, like in the picture above. If you learn how to do it on Ustream (which powers this Tiesto set), you’ll see that the Twitter bit is not going to be a massive leap past that.

2. Start thinking about your Twitter brand page

Secondly, this broadcast shows off Twitter’s new Facebook-style brand pages (the video is hosted on Intel’s brand page), which can contain extra content over and above a normal Twitter profile.

Having a Twitter page as a destination certainly has some cool potential; later this year, brand pages will be available to more people so hopefully that means DJs can grab a brand page for themselves too. You can just send people to your brand page rather than a web address and hopefully this shows the scope of some of the cool things you’ll be able to feature there.

If you’re following our video series on starting out in social media, you’re probably already getting excited about the potential of this.

3. Work out how Tiesto mixes

And finally, Tiesto is one of the biggest DJs in the world. Whereas this video starts with a corporate two minutes of promotional stuff for HP laptops (which Tiesto has set up but conspicuously doesn’t actually use for anything as far as I can see), you also get lots of close ups of the man using his mixer in particular. Watch out especially for how he uses his filters to bring tracks back and forward in the mix, as a mixing tool as much as as a special effect.

There’s a lot to be learned from watching top DJs close-up, and once you get past the corporate stuff, some of the filming in this stream is revealing. If you play this or any style of mixed electronic dance music, you’ll definitely learn something from it.

So you’ve got less than 48 hours to view the stream: Here it is once again, on Intel’s Twitter brand page.

Did you catch this as it happened and join in? Whether you did or not, if you take the time to go and watch it, please come back and let us know what you got from it. Do you see the potential for streaming your own sets on Twitter?

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