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    Peter Scotson

    Hi Phil

    Here is a question for you.

    I am in possession of a Numark Mixtrack pro, a Behringer mixer, a laptop with Virtual Dj pro and a content unlimited subscription. I have a rig with some great Chauvet and Kam lighting, a bubble and smoke machine for added special effects.

    I am referred to as ‘A fantastic Dj’ on Facebook in Altrincham south Manchester.

    So why do I ask the question.

    Well I can’t mix to save my life but am fully booked hosting children’s disco parties. I took your advice on one of your course videos in which you said ‘Enjoy yourself’. I took this advice to an extreme and I bound around the dance floor with the kids wearing my red combat trousers. I add in a variety of games and music and as a result parents are now booking me for weddings and significant birthdays. I press play at the end of each track and stand on the stage egging everyone on. The parties go bonkers and the dance floors are packed.

    So am I really just an entertainer or Dj?

    Allan Murray

    Mixing can learned along the way, reading the crowd and playing a wide variety of music is far more important in my opinion…

    Make sure you have a back up of equipment, even though its quite rare, equipment can fail…

    One big tip, and this is something i cant emphasize enough, make sure you go with active speakers instead of passive, not only are they easier to set up, but if one fails, you still have the other to finish off the gig…

    The answer to you’re question is you’re kinda both as us mobile guys have to use mic’s and interact with the crowd…

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    DJ Vintage

    Hi and welcome to the forums. You are doing one of the harder things in DJ-ing, kids parties. While they seem very easy to do, it takes a special breed.

    As for “are you a DJ”…

    It’s MUCH easier to learn techniques (which I would in your case certainly do) than it is to learn how to be a true entertainer. If you can do what’s taught in the How To Digital DJ Fast course you are well on your way in that respect. No shortcuts though. it does take practice. The course WILL however show you the most efficient ways to practice, so you don’t waste any time on trial and error learning the ropes all by yourself.

    Clifford Anderson

    Howdy, Peter, welcome!

    I think everyone else has addressed your question, so I’ll just throw my weight behind “so long as your audience is having a good time, you’re DJin’.”

    Just remember – what makes you a DJ is not the opinion of other DJs, it’s the opinion of your audience.

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