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    Silvercue Master

    So I used to Dj on 1210s for a number of different groups and clubs. That was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away 🙂

    I decided I wanted to do it again as a hobby, but didn’t want loads of vinyl and the cost of Technics 2nd hand was high etc….so I joined the digital revolution and have loved it. Got a soundcloud account put some mixes up which always get good feedback.

    However, I still DJ like I am using decks. I rarely use cue points, I cue manually (push back and forward and release) rather than press a button….and nearly always from the start of a song even if I am not mixing it in until much later. I don’t use the fancy gizmos and tricks the controllers can do, I do it all by ear rather than sight….am I alone and living in the dark ages?

    I have decided I should try and look at what else I can do with the technology, but always seem to revert back to the simply old school way!

    Still sounds great though. I guess there are many ways to skin a cat!

    Silvercue Master

    Seem to have lost my profile pic and sig and can’t find where to add them back now…..not been here for a while.


    Not alone, not living in the dark ages. I was using my Technics to control Traktor until I got my incredibly-vinyl-like Denons to replace them in my gigging setup. I still cue and mix the music like I did with vinyl and I pay little attention to the laptop as a rule, although I must admit I like using loop buttons as I find I can almost do bootlegs on the fly when I get it right.

    Don’t immediately ignore new techniques, I discovered loops when I got the right kit to do it with for example, but if it works for you then keep doing it, old school style still rocks. In fact my last gig was a completely vinyl set just because I could 🙂


    I began like this on controllers, but I have moved on.
    I am still not using sync (simply because I forget about it) and many times I re-shuffle my CUE points on the fly. But I now use hotcues, however I still do so while playing jump to hotcue stop the platter by touch and the re-shuffle like on a turntable.
    I have now added subtle F/X to my mixes, mostly echos and delays to pimp some songs a bit.
    I have come to like the slicer and loop modes that I use more extensively.

    Silvercue Master

    Not alone then 🙂

    I do use some effects, but very few as many sound a bit naff I think. I love the braker (I am using Mixtrack Pro 2 btw and have extra effects packs…just don’t like many of them)…but I never like to over do it. I also find the LPF and HPF are really poor on this system…..I even found the quality of these effects on my Kaoss Pad is much better.

    I have experimented slightly with loops, but really just to sample a vocal from the incoming track at matched BPM and then loop the vocal over the live track, so really only more as a sample live.

    I want to use the samples more actually – that is where I think I can get the best results, so made a couple in Audacity, but I don’t think there is a way to beat match them very well unless I record them at a known BPM.


    Hitting just play, instead of “rocking” the jogwheel is suits me more way better lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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