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    Silvercue Master

    Anyone Have Mixes Removed from s0undcl0ud?

    I had one taken down and disputed it….which was a little risky as I had to agree to paying all costs that could be incurred.  The reason I disputed it was that I am pretty sure that I was not breaking copyright rules and if I was then much of the content on the website was too, so I thought I was being treated unfairly.

    After me chasing them a number of times they actually told me why it was taken down and that was because they had received a complaint from a record company because I had used one of their tracks.  I had put full track listings up, so not trying to hide anything.  I was rather suprised when I found out who that was too.

    Anyway, I assumed that after the explanation this was a very unusual thing and decided to go Pro and pay the cash for a year……expecting this not to happen again.


    It hasn’t, in fact I remixed that set without that song in it and it is still there.  However, I have read on another forum that this happens to people quite often.

    Does it happen to you guys?    I would be miffed if it happens again, especially as I am just starting out on there, though it seems to be going well as I am getting very good feedback!! 🙂

    I never play songs though in their entirety (usually less than half) , never charge for mixes, or make money from them, display track names and generally make their songs sound better 🙂

    I know other websites don;t take them down, but they seem to have much less people showing an interest.






    Yes that happened to me to. Because soundcloud can scan the waveform for copyrighted material. I have been told that this is only for the first track ( but I’m not 100% sure of that ) and that an intro might solve this. Because it makes the waveform different. I don’t think that going pro is a guarantee that it will never happen again. If the artist or record company have a complaint than soundcloud will remove that mix. Even if you have have purchase that track legit. And even if use a tracklist. It also doesn’t matter how long you play that track and if you don’t charge money for your mix.

    If you don’t want this to happen then you could use mixcloud. Because there you are obligated to use a tracklist and the artists of the tracks used in that mix will receive royalties for the usage of their tracks. mixcloud also has a lot of traffic, meaning lots of people visit that website. There are also other sites like mixcloud but I don’t know them out the top of my head. But someone else here knows them for sure.

    Oh the reason your new mix is still online is because you didn’t use that track any more.

    But I like soundcloud a lot. For the same reasons as you. My mixes get more traffic on soundcloud. And I like the look and feel of soundcloud. So this is something that happens when using soundcloud. You are not the only one who has a mix taken down.

    Silvercue Master

    Soundcloud were  clear to me that this was due to a complaint from a record label not after the use of technology to detect waveforms.  If they did have technology similar to what Google own and use on Youtube, then they should use it properly or not bother IMHO.

    However, that would mean they would have to take most of the content on their site down and it would lose traffic and therefore value.

    Also, they would not say that I was infringing copyright (I am confident that I was not, but could be proven wrong)…they said that it is possible that it may infringe some copyright.  So they understandably take the cautious approach.

    I know that paying for the service is not going to change copyright approach, but i will not pay for the service anymore if they continue to take things down – as it would lose any value to me.

    As for adding an intro. …..I heard this also and also leaving a gap at the start …but others have said this won’t work.  The tech Google use is so advanced and the library so vast that they can detect even moments from old TV shows that were never digital.  They can also detect songs that have been manipulated in audacity to be slightly different in the wave form.  It is incredible use of tech and I don’t know if soundcloud have that.

    If they did most dj mixes would be removed I can only assume.





    Certain labels employ methods of scanning websites for their content. I’ve had mixes and mashups removed from Soundcloud claiming copyright infringement, while my pro plan was activated. The last instance I can recall was a mashup with bass cannon by flux pavilion and a bounty killer (well-known Reggae artist) track. When soundcloud removed the mashup they informed me in their correspondence of infringing material.

    Super Fun Time! is right, Mixcloud or possibly mxify.com ar probably your best bet. Mixify is cool because you can host a streaming room, perform to actual listeners and the interface can record your mix for hosting on their site and playback at a later time.


    One of the Acapella groups I was following got shut down last night, and was very upset about it. This is why I hate the corporate world.

    Jay Phillips

    I just started making mashups a few weeks ago. I’m not a DJ and I don’t make dance mixes. I just enjoy taking the instrumental and vocal tracks from different songs and mixing them together. I add in a few decorations and maybe extra bass or drums if they need a little more kick but nothing fancy. My only tool is Audacity. When I make a mashup I also make cover art and then a video mashup to go with it. I was putting my videos on YouTube and somebody suggested I put my songs on SoundCloud. Within 4 hours of uploading my songs on SoundCloud one of them was flagged with a take down. And just yesterday when I uploaded a new video to YouTube it was flagged and blocked, and when I went to check my stats HALF of the videos I uploaded over the past few weeks are now blocked. So I deleted all of my videos on YouTube and SoundCloud.

    I have read several legal papers on fair use and from what I can tell what we are doing is legal, and organizations like the EFF are just waiting for someone to be sued by the record companies for what we do so they can represent them. But unfortunately everyone is scared to death of the record companies so nobody wants to take even the smallest chance. It’s a shame. Copyright laws were meant to encourage creativity and reward those who create content, but instead they are used to punish people for being creative and forcing them to be slaves to the corporations.

    For every take down notice a puppy dies, the world is a colder place, creativity suffers. Long live mediocrity!


    Alex Moschopoulos

    We’ve said it over and over that you all shouldn’t put mixes on SoundCloud.

    Use MixCloud, MixCrate, or one of the other services aimed at mixes.

    Silvercue Master

    A lot of people are new here because the forum was not accepting new user accounts D-Jam, so not everyone will have read that before.

    The problem is that soundcloud generates about 100 times the traffic as mixcloud and mixcrate, which seem pretty ineffective unless you have loads of followers already.

    @ Jayphillips.  I am over 90% certain that I was not infringing copyright at all, but Soundcloud take the safe option I guess.  Interesting that they allow most mixes to stay.

    Also, youtube, you will eventually have most things taken down as Google has incredible software now that can recognise pretty much anything…..




    Silvercue Master

    what would be good is if there was a list of artists/labels that were happy for you to use their stuff sensibly (i.e. not entire song from start to finish) in mixes




    Soundcloud I have found is not DJ friendly. If you upload mixes to soundcloud, you are best uploading ones with no big artists in. I have found smaller names like Savant are ignored, whereas a mix i had with a Skrillex song in was instantly removed.

    Mixify is much more DJ-friendly in my honest opinion…

    Silvercue Master

    that is very interesting Vesper…. none of my mixes other than the one I mentioned have been taken down, but I know someone who went to upload their first mix and it would not even allow it to be posted.  He had mixed a few Hardwell releases.

    Must mean my type of music is not that popular 😉


    Silvercue Master

    I am sure it won’t work most of the time, but I decided to Tweet a record label as I am going to make a mix with a number of their tracks for Soundcloud and asked if I could have permission.

    They said “Of course…send us link when you have done it”.    If you have a mix removed you can dispute and if you have permission they ask if will put it back.  I am sure mixes from such a label don’t get removed in the first place, but worth knowing that some are really open to their tracks being used and others are very much against it.



    Silvercue Master

    sorry, that is artist/producers actually…not sure if they own the label too.


    It happens a lot depending on the artist. People like Knife Party and Skrillex tend to do this a lot due to the automatic system. Whereas people who are a bit smaller, like Zomboy or Let’s Be Friends, don’t.

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