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    Allan Murray

    I was speaking to a fellow DJ on Skype who’s been having a hard time making friends with other DJ’s who work the clubs and he was on to me that most alot of them are in it for themselves and the money, fob people off, are generally unfriendly and are only interested in established DJ’s who already have a following.

    In my opinion there is some truth in this, as there is a couple of guys who work the clubs around my way that are quite arrogant and generally are just best avoided.

    Has anyone on here had similar experiences.

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    Allan Murray

    Don’t want this to sound too harsh as worded this the best i could.

    But i can speak from experience as I have encountered that couple of DJ’s in my local town that fit this description, which isn’t a good thing as being friendly and helpfull as Phil was saying on the Digital DJ Masterclass will take you further as a DJ.

    DJ Vintage

    There are “******” in every business. Some pro-athletes have chips on their shoulder the size of mount rushmore, others remain friendly, approachable and down to earth. Same with DJs.

    The only thing for really established DJs (which you won’t find in your neighborhood clubs though) is that they have to disconnect to an extent as a way of self-preservation. EVERYBODY wants a piece of their action and if you give in to one then you have to give in to all, which is impossible. So they tend to display a bit of Diva/Divo behavior, but imho understandable.

    That said, even some of the big ones take the time to talk to their fans if they can.

    I guess that the behavior you describe comes from insecurity and the need to make being a DJ something they can use to give themselves some importance and perhaps even self-esteem and have adopted this crazy way of treating others.

    At the end of the day, if someone thinks that they are better than other, there isn’t much you can do about it other than to ignore them completely.


    Well what can I say. There are turds in every industry. It’s best just to ignore then and not to give them attention they want because they DO NOT deserve it 🙂

    Allan Murray

    Very true folks, a couple of employees at my local college were also like that, they never bothered me as i knew about them through word of mouth.

    What DJ’s with this attitude need to remember is, is that they are their to serve the crowd.

    Thats mainly what our job consists of.

    I’ve been a Mobile guy on and off since 2003 and being approchable and friendly has always had it’s rewards when it comes to getting booked and having good feedback, not to mention that a good word gets passed around as well.

    DJ Vintage

    I think “us” mobile gigs get that more than especially our younger counterparts that entered DJ-ing out of a sense of wanting to be the next Tiesto, Armin or Guetta.

    And it’s harder to be mad at a friendly guy if he makes a mistake than it is at a … you know what.

    Allan Murray

    Spot on, age could also play a part as well as the younger crew are into what the mainstream media throws their way.

    The clubs in my local town play music thats basically top 40 or cheese dance from e.g clubland cd’s etc:

    There’s the odd night once a month were there’s an event that plays bassline music, but other than that it’s pretty much chart pop and the like.

    To be fair though, the area I live in some of the folk can be quite snobby so some of the DJ’s who work the club circuit may of came from a privilaged background or born into a bit of wealth.

    Going slightly off topic, the local political party for the area is Tory and a large percentage of their voters are from a middle or upper class background.

    But thats politics, another topic for another time… lol


    Yes there are a lot of arrogant DJs that let their self preservation instinct and bully tactics grow beyond what is considered good taste.
    However I have to say that most of them are mid-card players and jobbers at best. Those are the cards that are hardest fought for as newbies want to get in and that is their next step, they want more, but are stalled and so want to keep at least that jobber status and then there is semi-retired asshats (like me) that also snatch away gigs just because they can 😛

    But what I have seen and this is 99% true: If you want to step up from that midcard your main skill is to be a professional. I never complained, I never fought, I gave up sets freely to others and even supported them etc. This kind of behaviour gets recognised by managers and promoters alike and they will tend to book you, because you are reliable, trustworthy, not a diva and not complicated. Hell I gave gigs to young DJs if booking agents asked me and got twice as much bookings from them in return.

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