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    Isaiah Furrow

    Hello all,
    I’ve been a member for a good while now… and I’ve followed many articles and such over the last year or so, but haven’t been online reading all the forums or utilizing my course material as I didn’t have internet at home.
    Well, I’m back online here at the cabin, so I will be on the forums again as well as in the course material again soon. (hoping to add another course or two before the year ends)

    Here’s a bit about myself… I’m 34, a single father raising 3 kiddos, two girls ages 4 and 7, and a son age 10. They live with me and keep me very busy. For my “9-5” job I work at a small local shop as a mechanic, I fix cars and do anything from routine maintenance to engine replacements, as well as exhaust (we are the only shop in town with a pipe bender). My boss is a Harley mechanic so he works in the other end of the building in the bike shop when I don’t need him in the auto bays. I enjoy the outdoors and mountain living here in Northern Idaho. I have many hobbies other than DJ and Music stuff, such as model railroading, tabletop gaming, and RCs (remote controls). My kids and I enjoy RC rock crawling and my oldest and I have gotten into tenth scale off-road racing. I also fly RC airplanes. We’ve been very active with the local Little League for the last few years and I enjoy helping to coach my son’s team.
    I live in a small rural population, so gigs aren’t every weekend, or sometimes not even once a month… but I do it for love not a profession…. I hope to someday build my mobile entertainment business into something that can provide a substantial portion of the income for our family, but it’s been a slow process…. heck, my county doesn’t even have a stoplight…LOL. I’ve been building skills, curating my music library, gathering equipment, and networking for quite a while, and it’s going well.
    My current setup consists of a Reloop TM8, EV powered speakers, and Serato on a MacBook. I have a small but decent lighting rig and am hoping to expand my PA and lighting over the next couple years.
    I look forward to interacting with the community more over the coming months, and am glad to be back online trolling the DDJT site and forums. Thanks soooo much to all the people who make DDJT so great!
    Keep shining folks,


    Hi there and welcome back!

    Scott O’Toole

    Hey Isaiah,

    It’s great to have you in the forums, thank you for the very well thought out introduction.


    Isaiah Furrow

    Hey Scott and Vintage… thanks for the replies…
    Vintage, I look forward to reading many more of your informative posts on here soon, along with Terry’s writings.
    I know you are a Denon fan, and am hoping you can provide me with some insight, as I’m trying to compare the Denon MC7000 and MCX8000. I hope to add one of these two to my gear list soon since I’ve been having some problems with my Reloop board.
    After this weekend’s wedding gig I don’t think I can trust it beyond a casual party or home use. Sad, as I really loved the TM8. But, having issues with the cue output section and now the left jogwheel is on the fritz. For the last 2 hours or so I had to “get by” without any cogwheel response from the left deck… I was able to make do without it, sometimes using instant doubles to transition to the left deck and then use the right one for the next song where I would be needing to use the Jog. The additional downside to this is that I’m left handed…which probably means the left jog has seen a lot more use.
    I am going to spend some time over the next couple weeks playing with settings and adjusting the sensitivity up even higher and see if I have further issues… but the noise in the cue section and possibility of loosing cue or jog functionality again during a gig has me shopping around.
    I’ve narrowed it down to the 8000 and 7000 from Denon, so any input from anyone would be great! I may make a post in the gear section eventually, but I’d like to do a little more research first and have some more specific questions when I do so.
    Thanks again to all who make this site so AWESOME!


    I know Terry is our in-house TM8 specialist. I know he has ridden his hard and often in all kinds of gigs and at home. As far as I know without a hitch. I know him and he has big hands and he is a strong fellow, so I know the jogs can take that kind of “abuse”.

    Sounds like you have a unit that gave up, but I am not sure that’s indicative of overall Reloop quality. I’ll leave more comments on this over to Terry.

    As for the 7000 and 8000. Totally different “animals”. The 7000 is more traditional and features a dual sound card for back to back DJ-ing (like the SZ). It is a standalone mixer but clearly made for Serato use. Build quality as you might expect from Denon.
    The 8000 obviously (much) more expensive, about 50% more. Single soundcard, but it’s double USB ports add some hand-over options. Two screens and a bit of intelligence in the box. FX – if only three – can be used on channels 1/2 even with analogue standalone inputs. There are some odd things for some users, you can read about it on their new and improved forums. I suggest you sign up to them as well. The main drawback currently for standalone USB use, is the fact that Engine 1.5 is not the best software around. We are all anxiously waiting for the new release of the newly developed Engine Prime that will have a save in 8000 format option, not unlike Pioneer RekordBox has for it’s XDJ-RX.
    This is expected to come with a new firmware version to make all things work smooth as intended. As Denon doesn’t report intended release dates, it’s a wait til they announce it’s ready. They are aware of the installed base, so hard at work. Hopefully very soon.

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