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    Hi i’v decided to do what iv always wanted to do and start to learn to DJ, my knowledge is very limited. The music i am interested in DJing is Tech House or maybe Deep House. i have ordered a Pioneer DDJ-SB2 DJ Controller which should arrive in the next few days. Can anyone give me any advice or tips before i start or point me in the direct of a good way to learn or any techniques you’d recommend learning, as i said knowledge is very bare and any advice is hugely appriciated!

    DJ Vintage

    Hi and welcome to the forums. Seems you bought a controller “out of the blue”, the good news is that you picked a solid starter controller, so no worries there.

    There really is only one good piece of advice to give you here and that is to get the How To Digital DJ Fast course:


    Enjoy your time here and your journey!

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    I done my research into the controller before buying was highly recommended for starters, okay great thanks a lot DJ Vintage

    Ralph Deonarine

    Start with the basics and practice them. In addition to the courses here which are exceptional, youtube vids reviewing the main features are a good source as well. Spend some time and experiment as well…that’s the only way to push the bar.

    Toby Joll

    I echo Vintage take the starter course. It will save you hours of time and you will learn right form day one. Training, training, training and practice a little everyday. Enjoy!


    I echo Vintage take the starter course.

    +1. Best guidance you could ever ask for!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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