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    Hi Guys,

    Quick question

    When im using my DDJ SR controllers to DJ the BPM response is very good when I’m increasing or decreasing the speed of a track, however I’ve started learning how to dj with a laptop and club standard decks so I’ve been connecting the SL3 Rane box to do so. One of the major differences I’ve noticed is the BPM response isn’t as quick, there feels like there’s a lag in time. Like a 2/3 second delay, is there any way to fix this? Any help would be appreciated


    Phill Renyard

    The delay is because of the two different methods of control used here: the DDJ SR is sending midi signals to directly tell the software where to move the pitch control to. The use of the Rane box and club hardware suggests you are using timecode; using this the software is “listening” to the time code and processes the adjustment of the pitch control by listening to the actual audio pitch changes of the timecode to adjust the tempo of the playing track. Virtual DJ has options allowing you to adjust the sensitivity settings for a quicker response but at the expense of accuracy, I’m not sure if Serato has similar settings such as these. If you’re using newer CDJs like 2000s or sooner, see if your version of your software supports HID mode- then you can use the CDJs as controllers. Hope that helps…

    Grant Matthews

    The problem I have fallen foul of in this situation is to make sure the master tempo (or whatever system your cdj uses to maintain the original pitch of the track) is turned OFF. otherwise the software struggles to read the changes in pitch. With this set it should be almost instant.

    Peter Lindqvist

    I think Grant may on to something 🙂 . I just got a used Rane SL1 to see if could use my laptop/CDJ-1000Kk3’s as a backup for my 2000 nexuses in case of an accident. Burning CD’s really doesn’t work in a crisis situation. I experienced just the same and it was like a fluent feeling, responsive but not, like I did the right adjustment to discover moments later it wasn’t enough or to much. Of course I had Master Tempo on and really didn’t think that could have an impact like that. Thanks for the tip, Grant. I’ll turn the Master Tempo off during adjustments and see what happens 🙂 .

    Grant Matthews

    Glad i could be some help. Let us know how it goes. My story was that I started with dvs using vinyl and then tried my cdjs. The vinyl felt just like regular turntables to me and the response was instant (to my undemanding house style at least!!) When I went to cdjs if just felt wrong compared to normal cdj operation. When you think about it though, having master tempo switched on confuses the software as the time code pitch doesn’t change with slight nudges to the platter, and the software only recognises a change in speed after a few seconds of time code playback- and this isn’t possible with old school vinyl 🙂

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