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    Just found this thread in July 2017 and thought I’d chime in with some info.

    I researched the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and the Denon MCX8000 & MC 7000 for a while before making my purchase. As I am not playing live anymore, I don’t have as much pull toward the Pioneer brand that most DJs do. That being said I had not ever laid my hands on any Denon DJ equipment, until now. I come from the mid 90’s rave era, OG 2 technics 1200 MKII’s and actual vinyl with music on it, stopped playing live in 01-02 as everyone went digital, I did not follow. I did however have my fair share of time playing with Pioneer mixers and CDJs. I personally have always thought Pioneer makes great equipment, but very pretty pricey for what they offer. No matter what Pioneer is several hundred more for a comparable product, they are proud.

    So, I found a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and Denon MCX8000 & 7000s open and setup at a music store and decided to mess around. I immediately found these differences.

    1. The Denon MCX8000 and MC7000 seem to have a bit more latency with the Jog-wheels than the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 but they were still pretty sweet.

    2. The Denon controllers feel better to me though. The all metal case, faders, buttons and everything felt better to me personally. The Pioneer felt cheap and very plasticky, no resistance whatsoever on any of the faders or pitch adjustments and the knobs and everything just feel better to me on the Denon.

    I ended up purchasing the Denon MCX8000 and absolutely love it other than the latency (which someone has now told me that can be adjusted in Serato.) It feels and looks great and has all of the features the DDJ-SX2 has and more. I did however crash the sound card on the first day I had it. I set a loop,live sliced on that loop, tweaked the filter knob, added an effect, and then it crashed. If someone like me who has not played live in 16 years can load that thing up so bad that the sound card/processor craps out and the unit has to be restarted, there’s an issue. I will be contacting Denon Customer Support to see if there is anything that I am doing wrong and/or if I’m not running incorrect/incompatible versions of software etc.

    Long story short, I like the make and feel of the Denon but if it doesn’t work perfectly, I may have to switch to the Pioneer.



    Also, has anyone tried to just plain mix on turntables and beat-match vinyl through the MCX8000 as a standalone mixer? The reason I ask is because I have played on Gemini, Pioneer, Numark etc and can match a beat anytime, anywhere, but not on this thing. The Analog inputs are not just passing through the board, theres definitely some digital processing that happens with them. When you adjust the pitch on your turntable, the adjustment is very apparently delayed on the Master output of the controller. Also, my vinyl sounds great through all mixers but its got way to much bass through the 8000. Every record has to be perfectly EQ’d, I’d much prefer a straight Analog pass-thru of what you put in you get out. The 8000 is built well but has software / processing issues imho.



    Haven’t tried that, but are you sure you are on stand-alone? This sounds like something that could happen in “thru” mode in Serato for example.

    I might have some time to test with a CD-player. If it is some kind of AD/DA latency thing (converting the analogue sound to digital in order to be able to add all the FX/EQ and such), it should not be limited to TTs only.

    BTW, be sure to sign up to the Denon DJ forums. They have revamped earlier this year and the boards are actively monitored by the tech guys.

    Isaiah Furrow

    waiting to hear more about using the Denon MCX8000 as a “mixer” for analog inputs such as vinyl or CD… I’m hoping it works well in that fashion, and also hoping some of the FX, or at the very least, the filter, will work on analog sources. Is there any option for putting the inputs through Serato or just straight to master? for example, what happens if Serato/Laptop is totally out of the equation, for example, Engine via USB on deck 1 and 2, and CDJ800Mk2 on 3 and 4…?


    Analogue mixing = no problem

    Filters = on all sources, it’s channel linked

    FX = works on analogue, BUT … only on channels 1 and 2

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