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    Keith Nation

    Looking to upgrade from my MC6000. Which do you think is better



    The MCX8000 is 😛


    DJ Vintage

    Terry and I are brand new parents to an MCX8000 (one each, don’t get any ideas!), so yeah, we would say that LOL.

    More on-topic though:

    MC7000 offers dual-USB (DJ-handover) option that can only be found on the SZ/RZ from Pioneer. A non-feature for me, but for some important.
    It also has a way better mic integration than the SX imho, but that is because I use mics a lot and the shared fader option is not one I like (everytime you switch from mic to CD, you have to reset EQ and trim and the CUE button becomes a ducking button). One of the things that happens to me is that I quickly need the mic, I flip the switch to mic and I sound like someone cut of my delicate parts because my low end EQ is still set to mix out a track. Or I hit the cue button to listen to a track and since it’s still on mic the music will drop 15dB with people on the floor looking at me funny.
    The MC7000 also has split-cue. This is a feature that was on almost every mixer back in the day, but is found almost exclusively on Denon controllers. To me it’s essential if, for whatever reason (silent disco?) you have to mix in your cans all night. The option of having master in one ear and cue in the other is priceless to me.

    Quality-wise I am a total Denon fan. I have had/worked with their gear since forever and I can say for a fact it’s built like a tank and made for the road. Another something that may or not be important to you.

    Clearly both controllers don’t have stand-alone capability (meaning laptop-less operation, they are both stand-alone mixers) or displays.

    Other than that, I am confident that both have great sound cards regardless of exact specs and both will get the job done quite nicely. Showing up with either won’t leave you feeling ashamed.

    Once you get passed the fact that they are both significantly larger than your MC6000 (which I also owned/used before my SX), you will love the extra space to put your fingers and the generous lay-out, the performance pads, the bigger jogs and the overall spacier feel.

    BTW, my claim to fame here is that I was using an SX (not the 2 but differences are not that big) til I got my MCX80 delivered. Which truly is a mobile DJ’s wet dream imho.


    Keith Nation

    Thanks guys. I did more digging that brought me to the ns73. I think its amazing for the price. Problem is i can hardly take it anywhere. Strongly considering it though. Probably i can buy an NV for those normal gigs and have my NS73 at home till i feel the need to take it out. Question though; can serato flip and pitch n time be used with the other serato controllers with pads like NS73, SX2, etc or is it only with the controllers its shipped with like the NVmk1 (i think) and the new Denons?



    Serato Flip and Pitch`n´time can be used with any controller if you have the pack installed.
    However without dedicated buttons, flip is much harder to use (pitch´n´time is easy).
    I strongly advise you take a deep look at the NS7/III if you really need the rotating platters. While it is nice, I have yet to master any scratch routine to actually need the moving platters. If you are comfy on the standard jogs of Denon controllers you can do pretty much anything scratch wise (look at out course). The MC7000 will easily fill all roles for you in my book, without the need to have 2 controllers.
    It is much more important to be blindly aquired and familiar with your controller and it will most definately be more disturbing to have to use 2 controllers if you are just starting out.


    Keith Nation

    The thing is if i get the 7000 or the sx2 i will still need another controller because a lot of the booths here dont seem to have that much space. I can hardly get my 6000 in sometimes. I sometimes have to put my laptop on top of the existing controller or cdjs already there. I may be able to get by with the NV but with something like the 7000, would not fit in the available space in like 70% of the places i may get a gig. The problem with the NV is i would like something a little more professional and that has a standalone mixer so that if there is some problem with the laptop, i can at least connect a mix on my phone while I solve the issue. I would not want to rely on only an NV as my only controller. Would like something more professional even if its mostly at home and i take it out when i can or for something big. Screens is a must. I like the idea of playing and more focused on the controller and a little less on the screen. If i get the 7000 plus the screens, it would come up to around 1300. The NS73 is like 1400 but comes with the rotating platters, touch knobs, more robust, dedicated cue buttons and I dont know what else. The deciding factors for me so far between the two are the weight and bang for buck. The NS73 has more options for a more affordable price however I may hardly ever get to take it out because of the weight. I can take the 7000 out more because of the weight. But as, because of the size, they may both be mostly at home, i am thinking of just going with the NS73. With the I tried looking to see if there is something out there NV sized, with 4 dedicated decks but at least with standalone mixer but there isnt. Im torn


    Keith Nation

    hehehe Thanks man

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