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    All Murray

    Has anyone here ever had this, over the last couple of months, i’ve been pretty down, it’s got the point where i’ve been kinda anti-social where i don’t really socialise that much, what ever i do is never good enough and can barely look people in the eye.

    I’ve had this on and off since 2005 and i think it’s something i need to face up to…

    Timothy Urell


    Please email me at taudo2001@yahoo.com. Medical doctor is my day job. Maybe I can help.


    Clint K

    one of the things that men have that looks like depression is low testosterone levels, will make you feel lethargic and not have any energy. Similar to ladies with Hrt.
    I work in a male dominated area for government and this was one of the topics in our bi monthly magazine well covered as most Drs are looking at depression that it has all same simptoms.
    Ask for a blood test to put that one to bed.

    The RVK

    If you realize that you are having issues with depression, and it has been a problem off and on for a while, it’s good that you are talking about it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and definitely something that you don’t have to fight on your own. Try going to counseling and talk to your doctor about medication. It took me a long time to face my own issues with mental illness, and I suffered unnecessarily for so long, because I was afraid to admit to myself 1) that I had a problem at all and 2) that I needed to take medication. I was scared that the medication would affect my creativity, but actually it helps me, as I don’t check out for months at a time because I’m too depressed to do anything. So, I’m more consistent and able to do more things.
    I hope that things get better for you soon!



    Important topic, but maybe not suited for “The DJ Booth”.

    I think we all feel moodswings from time to time. Winter time, especially in areas with less light, tends to bring out the more gloomy feelings.

    My advice is to try and stay active, don’t “cave in” to your feelings, and make an effort to stay fit and in motion. While these tips don’t work for everyone – they really do the trick for me.

    Best of luck! 🙂

    The RVK

    On one hand, “the DJ Booth” might not be the best place for this discussion, on the other, DJs are particularly vulnerable due to the strange hours we keep, the lack of sleep, and, often, the effects of drug and alcohol use and/or abuse. All of these things can really screw with your brain. Tord, I would agree with your advice as far as staying active and etc.. It’s essential to both one’s personal happiness, and to a career in the industry, to maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as possible.
    These articles are about DJing, addiction, and mental illness. We should all be aware of this, and talk about it, so that we can better prevent serious issues with ourselves and our friends in the industry.




    All Murray

    I think i might discuss my issues with my doctor as i’ve been brushing this under the carpet for too long… Thankyou for the support folks, really appreciate…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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