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    DJ Chris Bush

    Djay Pro for the iPad just was released: http://www.algoriddim.com/djay-pro-ipad

    This should take iPad Djing on a professional level.

    DJ Hombre

    Hmmm…I’ll stick my neck out here & disagree. It looks like they’ve wrapped djay2 & vjay into 1 app, yes with 4 deck mixing & tailored to suit the iPad Pro larger screen estate.

    No Midi mapping & no DVS means it still falls short (at least for me) on a ‘Pro’ level status.

    I’m sure you can do some great mixing on it (as you can with the other apps), but not having that Midi flexibility to map to whatever controller I want to is limiting its appeal to me right now.

    Still, an introductory price of 30% discount is bound to attract new DJs into the game.

    DJ Vintage

    I do believe that the iPad Pro could herald in a new era. Computing power is well on it’s way to match that of laptops, with a “lighter” OS that is hard-wired to the hardware. Retina 12″ screen, touch. Coupled with a good controller this could very well be the replacement of the laptop. I could do without the keyboard (hook up a mini BT keyboard and be done with it if you really need one) and it would bring the screen so much closer that the difference in distance might just make up for the smaller screen (15″ MBP now). The touch feature would make it far more feasible to use “software” FX as they can be operated easier than with mouse/keyboard.

    All in all I am a definite believer in the iPad Pro as a possible laptop successor in the DJ Booth, but I’d have to agree that software only solutions are still in the “fun for an impromptu party” department.

    Having said that, DJ Player on an iPad Pro and a good midi controller of your choice? That is some killer setup imho.

    Phil Morse
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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