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    Do any of you sit down and diagram where you’re going to go with your set? I been working on breaking my music down into mini-sets of 3 or 4 songs that mix together well and play them sequentially. I try out different transitions until I find ones that work then practice them until I have the set down. The mini-sets are grouped by music type so I can shuffle up the mini-sets within the genre.

    Some of the songs have elements from another genre or thematic elements I can use to segue to a song from another genre and another group of mini-sets. I’m planning on drawing a spider diagram to visual map out how I get from one genre or song to another. This also mapping routes to safety songs or top 40 pop.

    I would be interested in hearing how other people structure their sets.

    DJ Vintage

    You structuring seems solid. Personally I think flowcharting your set is overthinking/overprepping things. If you have the mini-set building blocks in place, you are ready for a good set. After all, the night is dictated by your reaction to the crowd. And the crowd can not be predicted down to the last bit. It helps to have the early part of your set worked out and maybe a grand finale if you have a rather good idea of the crowd, but everything else should grow organically as the night progresses in my opinion.


    Well by flowchart I don’t mean a rigid schedule to follow. Let’s say I start off in funk/disco and I’m ready to change over. I could know that one of my mini-sets has a final song that transitions well to Eurobeat/Hi-NRG while another mini-set transitions well to Electro. I could also have a few mini-sets with the same vocal artist but use remixes to shift genres to drastically change the tempo and style while maintaining continuity. Or alternatively I could use another funk/disco mini-set to stay in the genre a little longer. Now I suppose I could simply internalize these choices but I’m the type of person who likes explicit structure.

    Phil Morse

    Nice post, ScottoRobotto! Gonna push this to the main site as a weekend”over to you” and see what others say 🙂


    Every genre of a song should have that one type song that can be “bridge” to another type of genre, especially these days we have a lot of transition stuff, make things a lot easier

    Mike Ward

    I actually flow charted my last gig!
    Kind of…

    Check it out here:


    DJ Vintage

    LOL @ Mike: Glad you enjoyed the party. And anybody rocking a 2K audience is ok in my book!

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