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    So my aunt is getting married and since she couldn’t find a good DJ for the welcome reception for the wedding, she asked me to come up with a playlist. She then called me back and asked if I could mix the music live. There will be over 85 people at the wedding which is pretty big for my first gig (but small for a wedding- it is a destination wedding in Mexico so the guest list is limited). Mind you, this is not the real party (the wedding reception), this is the small meet-and-greet with cocktails and dancing (knowing my mom’s side of the family). So I compiled a pretty good list of songs and have been practicing. The set up will consist of a decently large sound system, the one normally used by the hotel for these types of events. I think my main concern is going to be keeping the volume level appropriate. If it makes any difference, I’m using Traktor Pro 2. And i have only been mixing for 3 weeks. The music is pop remixes and a little trance-ey/house-ey music. This is not what I would normally mix, but I will still enjoy it nonetheless. It will have to last around 3 or 4 hours, pretty lengthy for someone of my skill level. So my question to all of you here: what were your biggest mistakes as a beginner and what can I do to make sure I perform to the best of my potential? Thanks everyone, appreciate the help!!

    Prof. Deusc

    I’m probably the last person who could give you advices (I’ve been mixing for 3 days), but I would mix these tracks and practice a lot, and eventually make a 1-2 hours mix to keep if things begin to go badly (you get nervous), to have some time to gather ideas and chill a bit (maybe acting aas if you are mixing ;))

    NewportDJ Drew

    Biggest mistakes.. not relaxing and not having fun. stage fright. be the boss of the gear and music. try not to be distracted by the requests.


    Yeah I like the idea of creating a back-up mix but how would I go about recording the mix? I mean physically, what would I click or what would I have to download to do it? And thanks newportdj drew, I’ll be sure to relax and not be intimidated by the requests.




    oh and about recording, I’m mixing purely in traktor without any external mixers or devices. I use my keyboard as a controller.

    DJ GRE

    Well, if it’s traktor pro there should be an internal recorder and you can just hit record and make your mix. – I would make at least three for varying times: slow medium and a little bouncier – like you said it’s not gonna be crazy but still people might wanna move a little bit!

    I would definitely say have fun – watch the crowd, react to them and it’s a wedding so be ready for requests. If anything use them to gain an understanding of what the general crowd wants.

    Magdi Saad

    Just remember it’s all about making those people HAPPY in one hand, and NOT letting your aunt down in the other hand :rolleyes:

    i have only been mixing for 3 weeks

    so let’em LIKE you first then they will be interested in what talents and skills you have….Good Luck, you have an 85 potential “next gig” 🙂


    Traktor Preferences > Global Settings: There is an option to display the mix recorder in the top left of right of the screen.
    Traktor Preferences > Mix Recorder: You can select the various options for recording. I always use the max value for the file split.

    Spend a little time getting the levels right so that it’s punchy but not clipping.

    Once you have recorded the mix it will appear in your Traktor collection as well as the RECORDINGS folder in your root Traktor folder.

    Whatever you do, don’t play the Macarena – people will have you killed for that.

    NewportDJ Drew

    SmiTTTen, post: 2730 wrote:

    Whatever you do, don’t play the Macarena – people will have you killed for that.



    Newportdj Drew, post: 2734 wrote: 😮

    you know it.


    Ok thanks guys, I’m making recorded mixes now and am also beatgridding a few of those tricky songs and finding out the potential order I would want the music in. Thanks all!


    Let us know how it goes 🙂

    Michael M. Hughes

    Start off nice and slow and easy. If it’s cocktail music, some jazzy stuff, Al Green, or even 40s standards, Sinatra, or Elvis works wonder(unless your mom’s family is very hip—remember, you’ll likely have a very diverse audience). Volume should be loud enough to sound good, but not so loud it inhibits conversation. Walk around and check it out.

    You want the music to be energetic but not overbearing. Again, unless your Aunt’s guests are all pretty sophisticated EDM fans, save the house set for the end. You’re warming up, really, so your job isn’t to pack the dance floor. It’s to make everyone feel welcome and boost the general vibe. You can always work your way up in vibe/bpm (and you should), but if you start out too fast too early you’ll alienate your audience. Watch the crowd. Get the old folks tapping their toes—a lot of DJs neglect that audience, but it’s critical and often ups your tips.

    And as Drew and others have suggested, just relax and have fun. The crowd is primed to dance, they’re drunk and forgiving, and unless you completely botch everything, the night will be successful and you’ll learn invaluable lessons. Play songs you like, but also remember that your job is to please as many people as possible. Smile and be part of the fun.

    Good luck!


    Thanks soo much everyone, I’m pretty excited for this!

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