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    Take every cable/adapter/converter you possibly can. I was told once that the system I’d be plugging into took stereo-paired RCA. I discovered upon arrival that it took stereo-paired quarter inch TS. If I hadn’t decided to pack my stereo-paired TS cable that morning I would’ve been completely screwed!



    Ok everyone! Just managed to get online at the hotel in Mexico and thought I would update you all on how it went. So i set up, they had all the necessary cables, and hooked up to 2 18″ Kapton PA units. The musikc started off a little slow, by request of the bride and groom, but I decided to amp it up after the first hour once it got dark. I threw on some top-40 remixes and even some EDM, and immediately, people go up and started dancing. I mean really dancing. Given, everyone had consumed a few (or ten) drinks, but still, they were dancing like I couldn’t believe. I had people coming up to me the entire night telling me what a great job I was doing and addressing me as DJ Mike (i laught every time i hear that). As the night went on, the party got better. I went for 3 1/2 hours straight and loved it. There was one point where I needed a break, so thanks to Prof Deusc., I had pre-mixed a half-hour’s worth of music, so I threw it on and took a break. I ran into a few minor problems and my mixing was not top-notch, but overall, I was pretty satisfied with my job. A few people offered me tips which i politely declined since this was a family event and I was having so much fun anyway. I am SOOOO happy I did this and will definitely continue. I really fed off of the compliments that people were giving me, and I think that’s what let me continue for so long (it was long for me). So thanks for all the tips everyone, they really came in handy and I definitely wouldn’t have done as good a job without you. Much thanks, Mike.

    Prof. Deusc

    Great to hear that 😉


    That’s awesome buddy! Glad it went great.

    Emma Partnow

    This is Brilliant News Mike :);
    You and your Party had a Wonderful time; and the Feelings you Experienced were Amazing;
    And you now have your Public DJ Name if you Accept It :);
    Many Congratultions to You 😎


    Well done mate, top work!


    Thanks everyone!! But I think when the time comes, I would like my DJ name to be my last name. Eventually I’ll figure it out.

    Emma Partnow

    Michael Fuchs, post: 3489 wrote: Thanks everyone!! But I think when the time comes, I would like my DJ name to be my last name. Eventually I’ll figure it out.

    The Only ‘Challenge’ with that Mike (if your Surname is in your Username here); is although it is ‘Yours’ and you can do what you like with it; ‘Some’ people may think you might be trying to make a Point (Total Ignorance on their part of course); and for some Clubs/Bookings they may find it ‘Unsuitable’ for them (or their Audience) ?


    oh hahhaha i see exactly what you’re saying, never applied that thought to this topic before…. hmm, although it’s pronounced (fyouks) i see why that would be a problem and get it all the time actually. thanks for the input, it definitely changed my thinking on this. 🙂


    I’d go with something more than just DJ Mike. I use DJ Benny M but even that’s a little bit generic (although it works out alright on Google, not YouTube though).

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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