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    Got to the club early (10?) last night. Name was on the guest list just like this guy said would be. Walked into the club, pretty empty, but music was in full force. Walked over to the DJ booth and met up with this guy. Seemed genuinely glad to see me there, shook my hand, and said to come up to the booth to say hi to the rest of the guys. Was up there 30-45 seconds the most but shook hands with everyone, said they’re doing great so far, and that i’m looking forward to the rest of the night. After that, went over to the bar, hung out for a bit, and just enjoyed the music.

    Interesting thing about this night was that they had this live drummer banging away on the drums around 12 which sounded really good. I play drums and have actually thought this would be really awesome to do. The only thing I would have done differently was to maybe have a couple of electronic pads with custom sounds to vary between the real drum sounds and the electronic crazy sounds….but that’s just me.

    Overall, I had fun that night. Left early but my main goal was to just show face with the DJ’s so they keep recognizing my face and listen to how they spin.

    😎 Well, that was my Saturday night.

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