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    Anybody have any thoughts on the Slate 4 that is to be coming out soon? It looks pretty good and at a price point of $250 USD, it seems to be the cheapest 4 channel controller to be coming out. Although the Beatmix 4 is coming out in May and looks really nice at $400 with Serato, it looks to have the same hardware features. If you currently have a full version of the software you use then the Serato download is negligible.
    I was also looking at Mixtrack Pro 2 and am throwing it in as an afterthought since both the previous devices mentioned seem to be better and add more value to the money spent. Does anyone have any thoughts on these controllers?


    To me the Slate looks awesome. I almost wish i waited for that one to come out since i got last years G2V but it’s all good. The Beatmix 4 is a good deal if you use serato. I would definitely recommend the slate over the Mixtrack.

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    Not a particular fan of Gemini stuff, but that’s just me. Definitely not a VDJ fan, so that’s a turn-off.

    What I like about the Beatmix is the extra fader for the sampler. Nice touch.



    I agree and would notbrecommend the slate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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