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    Chris Omotosho

    As a clubber I’m seeing more and more instances of punters getting right up in front of the DJ booth – taking photos or filming with their phones (often with a flash), plain staring at the DJ, or constantly trying to chat to them. I’m not good / popular enough to have experienced this for myself as DJ yet, but I can imagine it must be super-annoying. I’m all for a quick verbal or handshake acknowledgement when the DJ throws down a great track – I might even bravely ask a DJ the name of a song they’re playing, but anymore than that is off-putting, no?

    So I wanted to hear from DJs on this forum who have experienced this behaviour. Is it annoying or is it encouraging? And if it’s the former, what do you do to counter it without coming across as a prima donna?

    Dj vitico BL

    Being a dj you are the center of attention in the club lets just call it “famous” for a lack of better words, alot of people dont know how to act around famous people and since you the dj made such a deep impression on them they want to do something to stand out and share in your fame and let you remember them too unfortunately it mostly means being annoying, having alot of cool fans is really encouraging but for the people going out of there way to annoy you try to put up a physical barrier like put all your bags chairs whatever at the entrance of the dj booth to discourage people from getting to close, also if someone is bothering too much its good to have a friend nearby to play bad cop and they can be the one to tell them to go buzz off and u can just concentrate on being the nice guy dj without having offended anyone, some cool fans its not annoying but just distracting when alot of people come and want to ask the name of the song or just say they like your music ,for these cool fans I printed a qr code and made it visible so anyone who wants to talk to me can just add me on their phone and after im done ill be glad to chat with them online, Some uncool people bother alot coming in and asking how much does my equipment cost and completely random topics like street directions or even more extreme like this one guy would come and stand next to me and start pulling my hair or another guy come and start dancing on me and almost knock over the dj booth I now put chairs and junk to block these kinds of people from coming close and also have my friend who will not very politely tell them to get lost ,you never know who those annoying people are maybe they are the club owners friend or someone with influence maybe they might later become one of your super cool supporters that you count on ,so its a very delicate balance to try to not offend these people that are annoying you


    Sometimes it is hard… all I say.

    Allan Murray

    The best thing to do is be polite, most of the time the people who come up to the DJ booth that come across as being annoying have maybe had too much alcohol on the night so are not as aware of their surroundings or actions.

    Rob S

    The camera guys are really annoying (from a clubber’s perspective) when you’re trying to rave at the front of the crowd/booth. Especially as the set is closing and you’re peaking! I get it, they need the promo pics, but shoving the biggest fans out the way at the close is just rude.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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