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    Rory Fackrell

    Hey all

    So, I’ve been following DDJT for quite a while now and it’s awesome, really rekindled my interest in DJing which i sadly had to give up almost 20 years ago, before that, I’d jocked in some local clubs and a couple further afield and of course, like most of us more mature jocks, had been mobile, lugging crates of 12″s, ridiculously large speakers and the old Citronic Thames & Tamar twin decks up and down pub stairs for little payback. Things got worse when I switched to Karaoke…. those sodding 32″ monitors almost killed me, ditched karaoke not long after and invested in a pair of 1210’s a then state of the art Numark DM1125!!

    Anyhoo, due to health issues I found myself with a lot of spare time in the last few years, to offset the boredom, after digitizing my entire vinyl collection and then ripping all my CDs to .Wav (and then stupidly to .MP3) I decided I should probably do something with it. I’d always been blown away by MashUps and so started fiddling with things like Atomix later VDJ then progressed to Acid Pro, Melodyne, and recently Spectral Layers in the never ending search for clean pellas. Imagine my joy when I came across news of Traktor’s Stems and the awesome looking Kontrol S8!

    OK, so I don’t DJ anymore so had never really felt the need for a controller but the possibilities with stems was the final push and so made the leap and bought the S8 on release day….. Alien. The concept of mixing without a platter of some description was always going to be a hard thing to overcome, (I’d dabbled with scratching but the idea of scratching maniacally at a wedding or a 40th birthday just seemed wrong and so eventually I just stopped and guess lost the skill). As it turned out, my biggest fear for Stems so far has come true; a large amount of output supported well by small independent labels but very little music that I would like to mix with. Sure, it has potential and I’d love to see the big labels get on board releasing commercial stuff and who knows, even releasing back catalog stuff – a dream I know but I can’t really see any technical reason why this couldn’t happen… Imagine the possibilities!

    So for now, my S8 is gathering dust, I can’t get past no platter. After watching the most excellent DDJT’s “Scratching For Controller DJs” I’m even more convinced I’ve cocked up as I’d quite like to pick up where I left off 20+ years ago and try to finally master scratching once and for all! I guess my next question is this, and obvs, the answer is somewhat subjective but what is the best CONTROLLER with jogs/platters? After shelling out £700 for the S8, funds are a bit tight but I could probably stretch to about £1000 which puts me in N7 range, and i do like the idea of those motorized platters… I’ve never been one for buying entry level stuff, it seems a bit of a false economy if I had to upgrade later but I’m open to suggestion.


    Hey LMP,

    don’t stress so much about the Stems. They are still work in progress so I suppose within 12months they will start to pick up more and more.

    I have two D2s’ and I think they are awesome so I suppose the S8 must be equally cool.

    Start experimenting with the Remix decks and take advantage of all the other possibilities the controller offers and you will have lots of fun + its the music that matters after all.

    Don’t let the S8 dust any longer:-)

    Take care.


    Phil Morse

    You could add turntables to your S8 to use Traktor as a DVS system, best of both worlds that way.

    Rory Fackrell

    Hey Miguel

    You make a fair point with regard to the stems needing time to mature, which is why I’ll be keeping the S8 and the possibilities do seem almost limitless, the truth is i’m a sucker for knobs and faders and it lights up soooooooooo pretty lol. A brave decision by NI to ditch the jogs but otherwise, I love it!


    Rory Fackrell

    Hey Phil

    That’s something I hadn’t considered but i’m not sure the budget will stretch to a pair of turntables now 🙁

    I’ve spent the evening comparing controllers, my head says go for summat mid-range (so does the missus) My heart says N7II or III. Your review of the N7II had me wanting that lollipop you referred to so the Mk3 can only improve on it? I thought you were slightly exaggerating just how big it is, after all, in the videos it doesn’t look that big but having just found the dimensions of the thing, a trip to my local builder’s merchant might be called for! 😀

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