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    … THANK YOU!

    It seemed so overwhelming at first. So much to keep track of, so many buttons to push (and not to push), so many mistakes to be made. Would I be able to do this? After all, I’m just a guy loving the music. Did I have the skills required to pull this off? For a long time, I was unsure. My controller arrived four days ago, and that would be the very first time in my life I ever touched a piece of DJ equipment, with the small exception of some drooling at the not-so-local DJ store. When I opened the box and unpacked the DDJ-RZ I felt so much excitement, so much anticipation, and to be honest – a decent amount of fear. Would I, just a normal geek, be able to pull this off?

    Even before I got my controller, I had already signed up for the DDJT beginner’s course. I decided not to glance at it, though tempting, before I got my equipment. After getting all my equipment mounted, configured and set up – my pulse dropped from 120 to 60 two minutes into Phil’s first video. Bit by bit, the pieces to the puzzle were laid down in a way that anyone – regardless of prior experience (or in my case, lack thereof) – would be able to understand. For the first time, I felt I had a chance at this. This was a task I, with the guidance and help from Phil and his peers in the DDJT team, would be able to master.

    I have just started my journey, and I am having more fun that I had ever dreamed of having – thanks to you. Your guidance, your skills, your collaboration with your users and your dedication to this place is such a big part of this journey, and I couldn’t express enough gratitude for it.

    So to you, Mr. New Guy sitting on the fence – waiting for a bird to whisper the first words to get you started – this is where you start your journey. Right here, with DDJT and their team of professionals, and their followers here on the forums.

    Thank you!

    DDJ-RZ, DJ-S60X, HDJ-2000MK2

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    Karlton Bethea


    That is an absolutely awesome post! Thanks for reminding me of the joy we should all feel every time we play, whether its practice of playing out. It’s all about the music….

    Karlton Bethea

    “If Music Be The Food Of Love…Play On”
    -Billy Shakespeare


    I am very glad we can help out and speed you on your way. Thanks for sharing and the feedback we highly appreciate it.

    Steve Canueto

    Thanks Tord! We really appreciate the feedback – glad you’re having fun 🙂

    Phil Morse

    Thanks Tord!

    DJ Vintage

    Huh? What? Us? … JUST KIDDING!

    Thank you very much for your very kind words. It goes a long way to keeping me going 😀

    DJ Vintage

    And sorry about moving it and moving it back LOL. Guess I really shouldn’t be moderating at 07:00 on a Saturday morning on 4 1/2 hours of sleep.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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