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    Pranav Sai

    I have a ddj-sb2 and I am looking to buy 2 of these speakers (http://www.amazon.com/Rockville-RSG12-3-Way-Passive-Speaker/dp/B00G3ZHOQE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1454384734&sr=8-2&keywords=passive+speakers) and this amp (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JQ4CC7A#Ask)

    1. Will this amp run my speakers?
    2. What are my options if I am looking to buy a sub?
    3. So my sb2 has an RCA output and that rca output will go into a amp and then what?
    3a.What cables do I have to buy?

    I’m sorry this is alot of questions and I appreciate all the help:)

    Dic Gleason

    First things first. The amp will work. The speakers will work. That said, they will produce sound. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the quality of the sound or how long these will stay working. These are very cheap. They may be wonderful but I’d doubt it.
    As for the connections, you have RCA outs on your sb2. These plug into the INPUT on the amp. The output from the amp is 1/4″ and will plug into the speaker with either another 1/4″ plug or the locking Speakon connector. http://www.amazon.com/PYLE-PRO-PPSJ15-Professional-Speaker-Speakon/dp/B000VBASYQ/ref=pd_bxgy_267_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0CRKRFGY574ARDW3536P

    remember to ALWAYS turn your amp down to zero and power the amp up last (after everything else is connected and turned on) and to turn OFF your amp first before turning anything else off or disconnecting.
    Good luck with these.

    DJ Vintage

    There is a series over on the blog on PA Systems you might want to check out too.

    I’ll second Dic’s conclusion on the most likely disappointing sound these speakers will produce. In PA you get what you pay for. And while there are some new technologies that will give more expensive systems a run for their money while providing some things like (much) smaller footprint/size, nothing under 500-600 is gonna get you something sounding halfway decent (apart from monitor speakers of course, but those are unsuited for playing out).

    If, at some point in the future, you plan on upgrading your PA, I’d seriously recommend going with active speakers (amps built-in). There is, at this point in time, no really benefit in buying amps and speakers separately if you are a DJ.

    Just imho, of course.

    Pranav Sai

    Thanks! I was still going for the passive setup because I just thought it was more “DJ like” if you know what I mean.
    But if active speakers are what people are using nowadays, than thats great and easy (I hope).

    With active speakers all I need is a connection from the speakers to my controller right?
    Also can you point me to some budget active speakers?

    DJ Vintage

    No such thing as “DJ-like” And passive with amps to me just said you missed a few stops on the train or you are an old hand that hasn’t gotten around to upgrading his gear. While there are situations where passive/amp combo’s will work best. DJ-ing is typically not one of them. In the past active speakers would be less in power/quality, but those days have long gone.

    Again, you get what you pay for. Cheapest (semi)decent brands would be like American DJ, Behringer, Alto. Next step up are things like Mackie Thump. Fun if you want some lighting as well could be the Numark speakers. You could have a look at the new speakers launched at the recent NAMM (see blog/website). If you plan on playing out, you may want to look at highly portable setups like the LD Systems Dave and the HK Audio Lucas Nano. But they will also start at over 500 for a set.

    Even the budget speakers start (here in Holland) at prices from roughly 150 euro each upwards. Something I would consider worth the money will start at about 250 each. As I said 500-600 for a pair (excluding the necessary cables and stands) is about the bottom end imho, but you can find some things for between 300-400, just don’t expect sound miracles.

    And yes, all you need is the cables running from your controller to your speakers. If you use cables longer than say 9-10 feet, you want them to be balanced and possibly your controller has no balanced output (I am pretty sure the SB2 doesn’t have them), so you might want to get a little box that let’s you convert unbalanced RCA to balanced jack/XLR.

    Pranav Sai

    Okay. How are these? Seems like a steal for the actual retail price.

    Also if my controller only has one output how would I split the output to make it go to both of the speakers?

    DJ Vintage

    The retail price is a total marketing hoax. No way in the world would anybody ever pay that kind of money, for this kind of stuff.

    Also marketing is the 1.000Watt power. They are 250W, plain and simple. And from a set of 15″ speakers, that is peanuts. The big low frequency speaker will eat up most of that power without giving too much in return.

    I am gonna give you some pricing info, based on solid brands with quality products bought from the cheapest online place here in Holland). Just to give you an idea:
    2x Konig & Meyer speaker stand = 80- 100 euro
    2x Procab 10m XLR-XLR signal cable with good connectors = 30 euro
    1x Konig & Meyer speaker stand bag = 25 euro
    Total for the extras: avg. 150 euro.
    Let’s say it’s the same in dollars. Leaving 395 -/- 150 = 245. That means 122,50 per speaker. For this money you get an amplifier, a 2-way 15″ speaker.

    You tell me, does that sound like at all possible?

    Here is my question: What do you intend to do with them. Are they for your bedroom or do you intend to play out at parties with them?

    You see, I can really say you should not spend your hard-earned cash on this stuff. Amazon is not the place to be buying DJ gear in the first place (imho) and especially those non-brands are not worth anything if you are even slightly serious about DJ-ing.

    Before I can say what you should spend your cash on, it helps to know what you ultimately hope to get out of this purchase.

    You see, these speakers are way too big to set up in your bedroom for practicing sessions (trust me on this, unless you own a mansion and have couple of 100 square feet for practicing). If you need speakers only for practicing there is better options. If you want speakers you can use for small parties, there is better options. None this cheap though, but at this price you can just not expect any kind of quality.

    I have had nameless bags, stands, cables and I have been disappointed every single time. It so pays to spend a few bucks more when you buy and have stuff that not only lasts longer but stays in one piece during that life span.
    Bags with zipper gone south after one or two uses, stands with knobs breaking off or thread going dead, cables with connectors coming apart when you try to unplug them, been there, done that, never mind the t-shirt.

    There are no shortcuts in PA. If you want good sound and gear that is trustworthy you will have to spend some money and stay with the main brands. Again, while Behringer, DAP, American Audio and such are nowhere near (semi)pro gear imho, they are infinitely better than what this ad shows. The cheapest 15″ alternative from Behringer is 280 euro/per speaker and from Alto Pro 245/speaker. By now you come into a price range that offers some of the other options I mentioned in my last reply.

    What options are best, again depend on what you want to do. If you just need monitors for practice, 400 bucks gets you two KRK Rokit 6″ studio monitors suitable for practice sessions for example.

    As for the output. The output is stereo (one white and one red output for left and right channel). Unbalanced cables that you can attach here are not made for long distances (like from your controller across the floor to your speakers a couple of feet away on stands), so you need something to change that unbalanced signal to a balanced signal to use with the cables as show in the ad you shared. The little box can be bought from ART for example for about 50 bucks I think. You might get away with splitting a long RCA cable in two (lengthwise), but no guarantees that you won’t be picking up noise and hum along the way.

    Allan Murray

    For PA I would go for either the DB Opera Range or the RCF Art series, these are the best bang for buck speakers in my opinion, slightly more expensive, but you won’t be disapointed as they produce very good sound quality…

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