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    Rob Calcutt


    I just signed up to ‘mixing power skills’ as I’m about to invest in a DJ controller system.

    I’m passionate about keeping laptops as far away from any consumption of music as possible as they’re attention vacuums and detract from the listening.

    For this reason, I’ve been taking a good look at the integrated system – the Pioneer XDJRX.

    I’m more than convinced that this is the one for me and I looked at your review with interest.

    I thought you raised a really good point about the track search toggle being a bit cumbersome – if I have my entire library in the system, it’s likely I’ll be scrolling for aeons to get to each track. I agree, a qwerty keyboard would be helpful here.

    I know very little about release cycles with DJ gear and the likelihood of an upgraded model coming out any time soon – I’m sure it’s an equal guessing game for you guys. However, I did mail one of your team earlier and they mentioned that they’re going to an industry event in September which is likely to contain some announcements.

    What date is this and is it worth holding out do we think?



    Allan Murray

    I currently own the XDJ-RX and i have to say you won’t be disapointed, the qwerty keyboard would of been nice, but having one isn’t going to hamper you.

    Both the CDJ 2000 and CDJ 900 NXS didn’t have it and it was only introduced when they brought out the NX2 range. From a feature point and value for money, you’d be on to a winner with the XDJ RX as you get quantized effects from the built in mixer, and all the looping and hotcues are done by using hardware buttons.

    To get the same feature set, you’re looking at getting a pair of either XDJ 700’s or 1000’s along with the DJM 900 which will cost you around double or even triple the cost of the RX…

    Rob Calcutt

    Good to know – thanks.

    100% going for it, just wondered if there was any likelihood of a product update in the pipeline? I guess we won’t know until next month.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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