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    Phil Morse

    I think regularly using a “music on demand” service is a really useful trick for DJs.

    I use Spotify to find music by artists or labels I become interested in, and to shortlist that music for further listening when I find individual tracks I like. Only then do I listen to it really properly, and decide if I want to buy it. So it’s a big filter system, basically, allowing me to both expand my horizons before I focus in on the best tracks.

    You can do the same thing, albeit less elegantly, with YouTube, purely because that too lets you favourite stuff, and that too has most of the world’s music on it – and of course there are alternatives to Spotify as well.

    I’m interested, though, in exactly the methods you use to find new music using “on demand” music services like these. How do you use them to research artists? To listen to music on the go? to shortlist music? What exact services do you like and use, and why?


    I tend to use Spotify for the majority of home listening and all of my mobile listening, but in DJing terms not necessarily for reviewing tracks, as often I’ve already previewed and bought pre releases on Traxsource. Spotify does however prove very useful to create playlists of tracks I’ve bought (when/if released to Spotify) in order to ‘learn’ the song in advance of playing it out at a gig.

    I think Spotify is an excellent service and definitely worth the £10/month subscription.

    Xhris Vile

    I have actually found a few really good unsigned artists via YouTube who have let me download their tracks and remixes. Usually ill go on youtube and type in a song hen add “remix” or maybe “chopped and screwed” and see what pops up. Most of it isnt very good but there’s always a few interesting gems from talented people if you dig enough. I wouldn’t use it as an end all be all but it has the potential to yeild some unique stuff IMHO.


    Since there is no spotify in my region I have to check other things. But what I really like and do is zap through shoutcast radio stations. There has to be like a trillion, I mostly use an iPad app for that as I have the iPad around a lot in a dock with decent sound quality. The shoutcast station also broadcast the song titles etc. almost always and most of them have no commercials or just a short jingle.
    Of course you need to remember the songs you liked and possibly recheck them on a paid service (or I mostly use youtube).
    If I still like it on youtube I add it to the wish list I created there and then possibly buy it on iTunes later on.

    Ian Cassanova

    My main two uses for Spotify is 1. keep the OH (other half) and her friends happy for hours with the chart stuff and music I wouldn’t buy myself but happy to listen too and 2. which is more important, is to listen to stuff that has been released that I wouldn’t mind buying and to see how much I really like the track before I decide to buy the track, so great for filtering music out and stumbling across other stuff.

    dj flyer

    I use spotify for requests I don’t got. I got premium version so I can download the track to the HD for more secure performance. If the track is downloaded it also starts instant when U hit the play button.
    I also use it for backround music at private/corporate gigs.

    Jahit Halil

    I sadly cant get spotify where i live yet so i tend to firstly listen to online radio shows and get playlists etc. Then hit youtube for further info etc. I try and keep my listening quite focused on maybe no more than 3-4 djs becuase quite frankly i cant keep up with all the new and old music being released! I also visit my favourite 4-5 record shops online, they are mainly vinyl sellers except juno download/beatport etc but if i like something then i check to see if its available digitally, if not and im totally in love with it i will buy the vinyl, but it would have to be really special!


    you could use spotify with a good vpn if you really want to try it out. that’s how I used to do it sometime ago. a us ip address and problem is solved. actually I even managed to record some of my old playlists and use the songs to do some remixes 🙂 there is this tunebite soft that did the trick for me. anyway, spotify is definitely a good way to discover new artists. Rdio as well.


    With Spotify, I’ve subscribed to different artists that have made their own playlists available to listen to which I found helpful in keeping up to date with new music. Alongside I’ve used the radio feature which I’ve also found very helpful in building my music collection. I star or put tracks that I liked the most into a playlist called ‘Beatport’ and from there I would go directly to Beatport, find those tracks, and place them into the Hold Bin so that I can listen and purchase them later.


    I hardly ever use Spotify for music I DJ with. I was a bit dissappointed with the size of their library of more obscure house music and the fact that their search function isn’t exactly good for searching remixes or labels. Might be a thing that could change via an app, but so far I prefer Beatport et al. as well as SoundCloud for music digging.

    Spotify is reserved for the other half of my musical taste. Despite DJing mostly Deep House, I occasionally enjoy to listen to some Indie Rock, a bit of Reggae or a few Folk songs. And Spotify is just perfect for that. I’d say it’s for music that I don’t listen to enough to spend money on. Before Spotify, I might have downloaded some of it illegally, but I appreciate that I have a legal way to listen to this stuff now.

    And of course it can be very entertaining to explore the oblivious musical taste of my facebook friends.

    Phil Morse

    I agree that Spotify ain’t the best for comprehensive EDM. As my tastes are broad, I find it a great place for discovering new stuff in genres I didn’t expect.

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