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    Christopher Doss

    Hi ,
    my name is chris/fm1,i am from malaysia.i have been a dj for about 32 years and have not performed out of the country.i would like to get some info on how to form a dj union or maybe some tips on whether it will work.the dj scene in malaysia is average and i think most of the big names has already performed in some of the clubs here.the thing is the local djs are not together and the younger generation is spoiling the market by charging low fees.they seem to take a job at a club/bar and then paying a replacement a very low fee while they go out for another gig (which pays almost the same amount).club owners know that many djs will work for low fee and are taking advantage on this.there are also those newbees that are fresh out of the so called dj schools/academies that dnt have a clue on what fees to charge or not educated as a dj properly.i have a group in fb which is called united future disc jockeys which has about 800+ djs that are old and young.i have been sharing a lot of your articles and feel that it is very educating for the djs.Could you pls advise on how i should go about forming an association.oh by the way thanks phil for all the info u have given us on digital dj tips.cheers.

    Lauren Andio

    Hey Chris! Unfortunately can’t suggest much here from experience, though the best thing you can do is network with other DJs who have a similar goal. Reach out to any DJs you know in your area, put up listings online, and reach out to your Facebook group regularly. DJs undercutting is a problem in a lot of regions and the only true way to stand out among them is to offer something truly unique and go that extra mile – I’d recommend checking these articles out:



    Thanks for sharing our articles, we appreciate the support and hope they help!

    Christopher Doss

    Thanks Lauren

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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