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    Alex Moschopoulos

    With the monumental flop of We Are Your Friends, I thought about other fictional DJ/dance music movies I did like, such as Groove, Human Traffic, and 24 Hour Party People.

    Was thinking…if we could make our own movie, what would we do? A movie that is a fictional story, not a documentary, and it somehow would do a better job of portraying this culture than We Are Your Friends attempted to.

    Toss out plot ideas…even if this only ended up as an indie/artsy film.

    CJ Holden

    An idea that I had a while ago, was a comedy with the “working”* title “Ibiza DJ Murder Mystery”. It was about some young semi-bedroom DJ (meaning that he already played a few minor warm up gigs, but not much beyond that), who wins a contest and is allowed to play a set on the main floor of one of the biggest clubs in Ibiza (At 9am, but he doesn’t care.) The night he arrives on the island, he stumbles across a dead body on the beach.

    After staying at the police station until the next morning, he randomly runs into two of his idols in the hotel lounge. One is an old school House legend from Chicago, who can’t have a conversation without going about long rants about “the underground” and how awful the scene is these days (Think DJ Sneak crossed with Walter from “The Big Lebowski”) and the other one a (much nicer) European Techno hot shot, who walks the line between Beatport chart topping EDM festival headliner and respected name in the scene. And those three get dragged into an adventure about murder, organized crime, chart scams and the highs and lows of DJ life, all based on real world stories and personalities.

    So basically, I would have a more satirical, but nonetheless true look at the scene, embedded in an entertaining story that has nothing to do with it at all.

    *I never actually worked on it. 😀

    Alex Moschopoulos

    I had only two ideas:

    IDEA 1: A somewhat more realistic idea along what We Are Your Friends did, but with a bit of a gender reversal. It would be a very “average looking” female who becomes a DJ, faces the usual hardships of being a rookie, but slowly works her way into the big club in town…eventually showing her later in life as a touring DJ. There would be time jumps so you know she’s not just going from nobody to superstar in a short period…but more showing the hard work involved.

    I’d make the leading male role her brother, so there’s no “cute guy” who becomes a love interest. Her brother will be her biggest support, maybe make him a graphic designer or something creative to help her along in that respect. I’d show the conflicts of “playing in the boy’s club” as well as industry pressure to focus on her looks over skill…but she chooses skill/talent, maybe even showing up some “manufactured” fake girl DJ Paris Hilton wannabe (who would be one of the antagonists).

    IDEA 2: I’d make it a “period piece” that takes place in the Second Summer of Love. It could be a love story of a guy and girl who seemingly meet in a rave and thus go from event to event to know one another…or maybe a story of a promoter throwing events with a motley crew of characters involved. The music, fashion, etc. would all be 1988-1989 and maybe it climaxes with the passing of the Criminal Justice Act, causing a downfall into a mellow ending with everyone moving on and passing the torch.

    CJ Holden

    One of the characters I had in mind for my movie, was a female DJ who has the right talent, but didn’t get any big bookings until she started to spin topless and in full body paint.

    I like the period piece idea, btw. I give it 10 more years, before studios really make movies about this music genre in that time period.


    Honestly I would make it a road movie.
    3 DJ friends that were all just semi-successful come together and want to try one more time. So they book and promote to a (ripping them off) promoter who says they will be a big hit in “insert cool exotic country here” (like Phillipines, Caribians,…). They pack their things and when they get their, their “travel and downpay” money for the promotion is gone and the promoter is nowhere to be found. So they do not speak the language and have a hard time to get on their feet. As around and get a lucky break when they are picked up in a small beach club. The trio rocks the house there and that club is “the next cool thing” and it rockets from there.

    You can make this as realistic as you want, with tensions in the group, one of them being more successful one being a bottom feeder, one being ugly… whatever.
    Or you can make this as funny as you want (like Eurotrip funny, if you saw that movie). Or mix both elements.


    I think a low key approach is better, show the main character’s passion with their day in day out dedication. The scene should “set the scene” but should ultimately be a backdrop to the main character and his/her story.

    I would avoid the typical tournament/rival premise or love-story-underscored-by-personal-tragedy angle. I think a challenging the odds story is a better fit.


    I enjoyed a little bit pieces of story they did in documentary “Under the Electric Sky” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2966934/), the story more believable, in one story they told a young girl that felt out of place cause she different and dig EDM scene & music, while others around her only know rap, r&b, country music, so she making a journey to Daisy Carnival to fulfilled her joy & passion, now that something I can related too

    I hadn’t seen this We Are Your Friends, but its prolly nothing compared to the this documentary

    Callum Taylor

    I think a movie could be about a 15 yr old kid called Johnny who is a Dj but is having a hard time becoming noticed because he can’t go to clubs since he’s only 15. He goes to a teen music festival like goodlife with his friends but while he’s there he notices that the promoter is running around looking for a backup Dj because the headliners jet is delayed. The promoter is asking if anybody can Dj and Johnny just happens to be walking by so he raises his hand to play for a bit until a more experienced Dj turns up. While he is backstage trying not to vomit because he’s so nervous his favourite Dj sees he’s in a scary situation and lets him borrow his headphones. He goes onto the main stage trying to look confident but everybody can clearly see that he’s astounded by the amount of buttons/sliders on the professional gear. So he manages to play and he makes a few mistakes at the start of the set but he gets into it and everybody has a great time. This is as far as I’ve thought of in terms of plot and to be honest I don’t know if I would like it but it would be a realistic comedy and since EDM has apparently had its time the movie wouldn’t take itself too seriously

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