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    DJ Lee

    Hey Guys
    My name is Lee and I live in Western Australia.
    Ive been dj-ing for about 6 months now and since Im only 14 people decide to make fun of my dj-ing and say dj-ing is stupid. Its hard for me since im going to enter this promotion competition to win a 30 min set at a music festival that tours around Australia but its really hard to get people to buy tickets and hand out discount codes if everybody makes fun of you.
    If any of you guys have any advice please let me know

    Have a good one guys

    DJ LEE

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    If any of you guys have any advice please let me know

    Be strong, and believe in yourself. You don’t need the approval of others, if you can find it in your own mind. Now that’s not an easy thing when you are 14, trust me I know, but you are obviously doing something right to get up and ahead – and if nothing else – trust in that.

    There is no excuse in the world for picking on a person who follows his dreams and desires. Don’t give in to it, and don’t let it change you. I know its hard, but try to ignore it, and just focus on what you’re good at.

    I wish you all the luck in the world, and if it ever gets tough, or if you just need help or support – stop by the forums here! I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we’re vouching for you! 🙂

    Got get ’em LEE!

    BR Tord

    DJ Vintage

    Hi there Lee,

    I started when I was 14 and have been DJ-ing for almost 40 years now. At the time there were no competitions to get into, but also very few DJ’s, so not too much laughing at. Although some folks thought it was an odd hobby.

    Like Tord said, if you listen to others, you will never reach your goal. Set your goal, determine your path and follow it. Along the way only listen to those with wisdom and positivism to share with you. Keep your ears and eyes open for the opportunities that arise and be ready to grab those chances as the present themselves.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    All Murray

    I had the same from a few folk in my area over the years, still do this day, DJ’ing is frowned upon by a few people in my neck of the woods.

    What i did was, seperate my DJ life from the people in my area, I basically told them what I wanted them to know.

    Only my closest friends got to know about my DJ’ing and other personal stuff.

    I still live by that rule to this day.

    If i were you, i would ignore these people as they obviously want you to give up.

    I would also when it comes to promotion, create a seperate facebook account, along with a mixcloud and soundcloud account and only add you’re closest friends, along with other DJ’s in you’re area.

    I did this when i first started out back in the days of bebo.

    Also create a website and only give you’re closest friends and dj’s in you’re area the web address to it.

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