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    Payam Masjedi

    Hello there everyone
    So I was booked for an engagement party and I was told to play only with 80’s and 90’s with only a few 00’s because the majority of people will like the songs. All was done and then at the second hour, I was approached by a dozen of guests that they want some NEW and recent hits… I was really confused because I realized something is wrong but when I told the planner (or someone who hired me) he told me to ignore them and keep doing 90’s…
    Those guests were keep coming to me almost every ten minutes and I literally couldn’t take it any more… so I called the guy and told him to explain the guests about the song selection, and he told me to play whatever the guests are asking…!!! I mean, I was really shocked by that…
    I played the modern music and literally, anything they asked but at the end of the night, when I was packing, the groom asked me why I did those songs and I explained the situation and he totally blamed me for everything…He goes a bit mad and even the planner agreed that it was all my fault… So they asked for a half-refund which I did, even though I have all the song selection section by the bride and groom and confirmed by the planner.
    Long story short, I don’t know which part I did wrong… WHO is responsible for these kind of happenings? Me, the planner or the guests?
    Any help and suggestion would be appreciated, since I didn’t take any other venues ever since, and I want to know how I can prevent this to not happen again.

    DJ Nostalgia

    Doesn’t help after the event, but my philosophy is ‘He who pays the DJ calls the tune (quite literally!)…” – so, refer the whingeing guests to whoever paid you to play only 80s/90s/00s music!

    Reading your Post, I would add one caveat… who was actually paying for your services as a DJ? The Groom/Bride-to-be, or the ‘Planner’ you refer to – I’ve heard of people using wedding planners, but not engagement party planners! My guess is, it was the planner trying to look good to the Bride & Groom, at your expense! I would always seek permission/guidance from the client directly in this sort of situation.
    If YOU can’t get to the client directly, tell the guests to get the client to speak to you…

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    Todd Oddity

    Nostalgia gives excellent advice. At private parties you play what you’re told to play by the people who booked you. That’s why I check carefully what they want for music before booking private shows. If it isn’t something I think will work, I won’t take the contract.

    Chalk it up to an expensive lesson learned and move on. Everyone will have a show that goes sideways from time to time. Don’t let it slow you down.


    Todd is absolutely right, but I also always check for an escalation process.
    For example I would have played a nice 90s mega mix 15min song, walk to find the planner AND the groom, explain the situation and that I am playing the 80s and 90s stuff by request and if I should alter the path. I would also make it clear that the party that pays me had final say.
    No bloody refunds. I have seen cases where they actually did that as a trap to get money back from DJs…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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