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    why are older DJs so bitter of the new younger talent… that is all

    King of Snake

    Hi James,

    i guess it’s easy to convert your statement to:

    “why are older [fill in any profession] so bitter of the new younger talent?”

    oh, and plenty of good music on that subject as well.

    ‘the times, they are a changin..’


    King of Snake


    Because there used to be many artificial barriers to entering pro DJing (cost, learning curve, etc) that don’t exist anymore. Now everyone with an iPad app considers themselves a DJ.

    Good DJs adapt; bad Djs gripe.

    But as King of Snake said it’s no different than any other profession. My other job is that of pro photographer and many of the same sentiments have been echoed at every step along the way (autofocus, auto exposure, digital).

    DJ Vintage

    Uhm, why the general statement?

    And why the addition of “talent”?

    I personally don’t think I am bitter of anyone in that sense. And I don’t see that as the predominant feeling on these forums.

    What I do notice is that sometimes the younger generation will barge in, ask a question, get an answer from the experienced older DJs and consequently toss that answer aside and go do what they planned on doing already. Almost like they only asked the question to get confirmation.

    So I am almost tempted to ask a counter-question “why do some young DJs think older DJs don’t have a clue?” 😀


    I put it as a general statement out of frustration, and added the “talent” because there is some genuine talent out there and a lot of older DJ’s i have met seem to want to take out there anger on me and others alike, i am only 22 but i have been djing for many years and have always been around it, i have had comments thrown towards me in the likes of “ah typical controller DJ” and this is before they have even seen me play, i am happy and prefer to play on a pair of vinyl decks or cdjs with no laptop and can still read and relate to the crowd.
    it just seems like i have tried to show utter respect and learn from these people that i have looked up to for many years but now i have met them, all they have to say to me is no your too young… then again this is just a handful i am talking about, most of the olders have been great.
    i will always try to help push the industry and its people forward
    like king of snake said “times are changing”

    DJ Vintage

    I am guessing there is envy of youth (and youthful talent) in any business.

    Another thing is I don’t necessarily everybody who THINKS he/she has talent actually does. It is true that in the old days, in order to enter the DJ-ing realm in any serious fashion required some serious personal sacrifice in time, money and effort. Those that committed that got at least a modicum of respect from those already there. No guarantee for talent, but at least you showed you were willing to do the work.

    Nowadays you save your paper route money for a month or two and buy yourself a pro-style controller. Music can be found by browsing a few sites and maybe signing up for a few DJ pools. And presto, get a monniker and you are a DJ. And with zillions of young guys and gals stepping into the game, it’s a) harder to spot the real talent (and yes, there is still real talent out there) and b) the noise the wannabe’s (without talent) are making is deafening.

    Speaking for myself on a personal note, I do this “work” because I enjoy sharing knowledge and experience. I really don’t care if someone has talent or not. If you are an enthusiastic hobbyist who will never make it out of the bedroom or past a few house parties for free drinks, than that is fine. If you are respectful of other forum visitors you are ok in my book.

    And I do hope that those that ARE truly talented WILL shine through and make their way to the limelight. And if something we say, show or do on here can help get them even one step closer to that goal, then more power to them!


    Well I cannot comment as I seldom get such remarks as I am old and DJing for 20+ years hehe

    Also I do not seem to fit this norm, since I love young talent. Probably why I voluntarily do this job here at DDJT.
    I find fresh input and new ways of seeing things as really exciting and I love it when a young DJ blows my mind, as they can surprise you, while most older dudes I know in the business just “do their thing”.

    This is probably, and I am assuming here, why they throw such comments at you. They did not develop, they are doing their thing for 10+ years and are stuck in their loop of how they do things. I can only assume that is also why they throw such things around as “typical controller DJ”. I mean I have DJed 10+ years on vinyl, several more on CDJs and now I am the one telling everyone on this forums that is a thing of the past get a controller. Because honestly: I love this. I love controllers and how comfy I can be, how creative I can be and how over the top I can get (check out my performance pad video in the sticky thread).

    So yeah there will always be haters, but do not get angry yourself over it. It is wasted energy, just stick to the people who enrich your experience and I hope we on this forum are such people 😉


    Thanks for all your wise words ! it does mean a lot, i do sometimes consider the fact that the bitter guys might just have a hint of jealousy or regret in them for not moving with the times but i don’t want to seem like a arrogant modern hipster at the same time by thinking that. I also dont want to turn bitter against the industry like them but they will have to remove my ears, eyes and hands before that happens haha
    Stay Blessed people of DDJT !


    Keep having fun is the motto. Do not let negative energies touch you that some spread.
    Stay positive and yeah just have fun.

    Alex Moschopoulos

    “Good DJs adapt; bad Djs gripe.”

    I ended up putting that on my Facebook Page.

    I can understand some angst the older DJs can have for the Pauly D’s, Paris Hiltons, and what not…but the rest is more in my book older guys now seeing their 15min of fame dying, and thus they’re mad.

    I remember the times when it became super-difficult to land a gig, when I noticed in the club/rave realm the only value you had was in “how many heads you bring out”. I usually tell disgruntled DJs to take a step back, or retire to a hobbyist level. Many will then grumble how it’s not fun without a receptive crowd, but I’ll respond then how it seems they care more about the rush or attention over the music…and thus should just play pop music in trendy spots. Blah blah blah.

    I used to be negative…but mainly at the politics of the scene. I tried very very hard to not bring said hate on other DJs…especially mainstream music ones. When I stepped back into a hobbyist logic again, I fell in love with DJing like I reunited with an old girlfriend…even if all I’m doing is posting mixes online.

    I should find podcasts seeking guest DJs.


    I don’t see it as hating new blood, quite the opposite for me personally as I have long history of helping new DJs in my area, but what I do see is a large number of people downloading the Beatport top 100, grabbing a controller and a laptop, hitting the sync button and pretending they’re the new breed.
    Any criticism of this is now being called “hating new talent” and “being resistant to change”. If change in DJing means to allow mediocrity to reign then I for one am glad to be resistant to it.

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